What is an intention?

February 20, 2018


What is an Intention?

An Intention is a word or a phrase that will move your energy in a positive direction. When you use an intention, you can bring your focus and mind back to that word. It helps with cultivating attention in the way that it gives the wandering mind something to focus on. When the mind has something to focus on it will teach itself to relax and stay in the moment. When exploring intentions, think of words that have a positive impact on your emotions. What makes you feel happy and uplifted? This process is twofold. An intention has a direct impact on your energy through emotions and the practice of repeating your intention allows you to stay with what comes up while repeating the intention.

An Intention can be;

  • A heartfelt word,
  • A sentence or phrase that moves your energy in a positive direction but without attachment to an outcome
  • Also known in yoga nidra as a Sankulpa.