Breath of Fire

November 15, 2019

Breath of Fire

**Note do not do this breath on your period or if you start to feel dizzy. Never ever force your breath. If you feel panicked or dizzy, STOP and breath evenly through both nostrils.

Breath of fire is a type of pranayama used in yoga. The purpose is to increase prana (energy) in the body as well as purify the body and energy.

In breath of fire, the rate of respiration is increased to roughly 100 to 120 breaths per minute, but these are not short, shallow breaths. Instead, the inhalations and exhalations are deep and of equal length.

To begin, take an easy seated position. After a few minutes, the body and breath will settle into a naturally relaxed state. This is known as quiet breathing. To begin fast breathing, the speed of quiet breathing is increased by deeply inhaling and exhaling fully through the nose. During the inhale, the diaphragm is pushed out and pulled during the exhale. Fast breathing requires quick movements of the diaphragm which is controlled by the abdominal and chest muscles. 

3 rounds of 60 pulses. Then when finished the 60th pulse retain the breath for 60 seconds in a relax state. If you can not be in a relaxed state you should not do this breath. CAUTION forcing the breath will cause damage to the energetic body!