February 2015 - Inner Revolution Yoga Studio

February 3, 20150


Using our breath is the simplest form of body scan. We can really get into our body using our inhale and exhale and notice what is happening in our breath. Subtle changes in our breath as we focus on parts of our body can give us some insight into what is happening in our bodies. In our breath we can learn to focus on and direct our breath to certain regions of our bodies that need a wider awareness. Every cell in the human body requires oxygen and, although it seems like an autonomous function we may not give much thought to, deep breathing exercises can be done to help clear out toxins that may have built up in the lungs which helps to improve lung performance and clear airways. Deep breathing gets more nourishing oxygen into your body. Blood that is rich in oxygen will help you feel better, and give you more energy. Deep breathing also reaches the deepest depths of your lungs, and helps to expel and break up residue. http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/natural-health/deep-breathing-for-lung-cleansing/
Try This:
Seated or lying down take your attention to the breath and focus on the part of your body where you feel your breath most. Your belly, your lips, your nose. Stay with this experience, notice the temperature, the feeling of breathing in and out, is it forceful to breath? Is it relaxing? Are you breathing shallow or deep? Are you breathing from your belly or chest? Just notice. Now let go of any need to direct or manipulate your breath. Allow your body’s natural rhythm to take over. Let go feel. Feel this process, a release, a lightening of the body. Start to bring your breath awareness to each part of your body starting at your toes, calf, knees, do the front of each leg and then the back. Notice the breath. Move up the body. Bring breath awareness to the back of the body into the neck. Notice any areas of tension and stay with these areas bring deep breath to these regions. Bring breath awareness to the front of the body into the face, Jaw. Let go of tension. Just deep breaths.
Try this exercise for a few minutes each day to cleanse the body and relax the nervous system to find your optimal health.