July 2015 - Inner Revolution Yoga Studio

July 8, 20150


What is the cycle? This is the negative patterns we create in our brains. We get stuck in a systematic pattern of behaviour, thoughts, movement, breath and many other things can be part of this cycle. Many things can cause these cycles to evolve. It could be injury, trauma, media, peers, family if we hear something or see something over and over it becomes a cycle, system of connections in our brain. We have created many of these synaptic connections in our brain. In order to change our behaviour we must start with changing the thoughts. Removing the negative and create space for the positive. How do we do this? First we must recognize the behaviour and see it in all forms. We need to really understand what others see and what we actually see and create a real picture of what the behaviour is. How it influences us and those around us. Once we can recognize that this is a negative cycle we can start to observe the thoughts that are accompanied by this behaviour. Meditation is a great way to observe thoughts without attaching emotion to them. When we are able to observe the thoughts without emotion we stop reacting. Once we stop reacting the thoughts have no power and are easily moved out of the cycle. A daily practice of 10 minutes will help you move out of your negative cycle and slowly change the connections in the brain. This does not happen all at once and you may need a guide to help you get started. It is a practice and takes time. Don’t give up, stay present and focused and you will break the cycle!