January 2016 - Inner Revolution Yoga Studio

January 30, 20160


I often hear women in the change rooms at the gym or in passing say “ I will never have a yoga body”. I recently read a post on facebook about the yoga body and it got me thinking. Where did this idea of “yoga body” come from? In fact, in true yoga practice the physical practice, the asanas have a very small part of what yoga actually is. The yoga body has been marketed and brain washed many into thinking that you have to have a small perfect body that fits into cool looking yoga tights and that can bend in all sorts of ways. This is not the yoga body. The yoga body is any body that does yoga. Any body that moves with their breath and becomes comfortable in that pose with practice. It is practice that we learn the physical path of yoga. It is with practice that we become comfortable in our own body, in our own movements, in our own self. It is this path of self actualization that opens the yoga body.

January 28, 20160

mindfulvsmeditationThis question comes up a lot in our studio. What is the difference between meditation and mindfulness? Which one is better for me? The answer is they are both very important processes in the development of the mind, body, spirit connection. They each serve a purpose and they each have a different outcome. Meditation is concentration, attention on one specific thought, sound, sight. Meditation is sustained concentration, whereby the attention continues to hold or repeat the same object or place. The goal or outcome of a well developed meditation practice is Samadhi, the deep absorption, wherein only the essence of that object, place, or point shines forth in the mind, as if the mind were devoid even of its own form. Mindfulness on the other hand is staying present in your body, mind and spirit. Noticing how you exist in the present moment and being in that moment. Living completely alive in the moment. This process helps you really see the value in present time. Helps clarify the mind and teaches us how to live in present. The goal or outcome of a well developed mindful practice is Joy of life. Both Meditation and Mindfulness help us see our true path and guide us on this journey we are living.

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January 15, 20160

true self

This a sanscript word used a lot in a type of yoga called Kundilini. Those who have never heard of this yoga it is the yoga of awareness and I call it the wild card yoga because you never know what you are going to get. So SAT often chanted means TRUE. NAM the shorter chant means SELF. Let’s explore this a little deeper. What does true self mean? How does one become one’s true self? “True Self” to describe a sense of self based on spontaneous authentic experience, and a feeling of being alive, having a “real self”. This is the definition taken from the dictionary. How many people are actual living a spontaneous authentic experience? Are you? So with a lot of daily reflection on how to live my true self I give this list to you.
-Yoga: A sense of movement removed from the ego. A sense of movement that works to connect the body with the mind with the soul.
– Meditation: A practice to help remove the ego and live in the spirit. The spontaneous authentic you.
-Community: A sense of belonging and understanding among a group of people with common values removed from the ego.
-Will Power: It takes a strong and dedicated person to live removed from the ego. To live your life not worried about how others will view you. A life of non judgment of others or yourself. This takes lots of practice every min of every day.

I encourage you to explore this sense of spontaneous authentic experience and learn to feel truly alive.

With love and gratitude comes this writing.

Brenna Bellhouse

January 6, 20160


Yes, so I don’t know about you but I struggled over the holidays. My values, my diet, my exercise. Excess of everything, which is really not what Christmas is about. Then we stress about the new year trying to fit in as much as we can, excess again until we have reached our limit and then on January 1st…….what, what now. Every holiday season is the same for me and it keeps getting harder and harder. I feel I struggle more and more. For me this season was about stepping back, resetting my inner dialogue and listening to what was happening around me. I did this and held it together until December 29th when I completely lost it and broke down. I thought I had it, I thought I was coping but in fact I was not. Two days I was out, emotionally, physically, spiritually. Then I found my inner passion, the fire to move out and up and I reset. This is what yoga and meditation does for me. It resets me. Daily I find peace inside after I move my body through a series of poses and then sit in sometimes quiet contemplation and sometimes in my chaotic mind. I allow what needs to happen to take place with no fight or argument. I just let things happen. When this practice is done daily, life moves and flows. Curve balls are thrown but how you react after this practice is much different then how you react with no practice. With this reset that yoga does for the body, the mind and the spirit the cortisol is controlled. Your parasympathetic nervous system takes over and your body is not fighting and flighting with the sympathetic nervous system. We just take the action that needs to be taken without all the overwhelming feelings of the stress. Our bodies are able to digest what every comes our way, with a fluidity and peaceful way.

Brenna Bellhouse