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March 28, 20160


Yoga can be a deep spiritual practice that helps us explore the many limitations society creates. The reflections of society penetrate deep into our ego and inner consciousness. With a practice of yoga we begin to break down our own personal barriers and begin to understand our limitations and explore our strengths. These connections that we create during our practice embed physiologically in our cells and begin to create a network of changes in the mind, the body and the spirit. Exploring, feeling, and moving with this flow of change can create an abundance of inner dialogue that speaks your truth. Gives you direction and propels you on your cosmic path.

Written from a place of love and light.

March 20, 20160

doug smith
“As with all of my writing, my wish is that this information will help to cultivate a higher level of awareness of the value of change. A change in perspective can change the human brain from a destructive force, into our most powerful ally … you are not alone” Doug Smith
When a doctor finds clear psychological symptoms, the victim may be diagnosed as having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Although we often hear the term PTSD when reporters talk about soldiers returning from active duty, anyone suffering from a trauma can potentially be diagnosed with PTSD. It is important to recognize that PTSD is not a disease like chicken pox where you either have it or you do not. There are degrees of the condition and a good analogy to describe this is the example of being overweight. Any amount of excess weight is a concern, but more weight brings more problems. Just as everyone who is overweight should take action, we should all seek to address trauma held in our subconscious minds. As demonstrated in a study by Dr. Ganzel of Cornel University, people in New York at the time of the World Trade Center disaster clearly showed help was needed for the secondary victims despite the absence of the PTSD.
While studying PTSD, researchers have made some interesting observations. Women suffer more PTSD than men, as apparently men often have an easier time of letting go of a past trauma and moving on. Among other species, elephants are known to suffer PTSD. This is the basis for the saying that an elephant never forgets. The observation that PTSD is not confined to human victims indicates that PTSD does not come from our conscious thought.
Symptoms of PTSD
PTSD has three main clusters of symptoms. The three clusters of symptoms are re-experiencing, hyperarousal and avoidance. A victim need not exhibit all symptom clusters to be diagnosed with PTSD.
The re-experiencing cluster involves the threat to safety or the loss associated with the trauma. It can include painful or stressful thoughts, flashbacks and nightmares. In extreme cases, a victim might act as if they are crazy.
The hyperarousal cluster arises from how the trauma changes the way we think. It can involve feeling agitated, angry, irritable and confused. The victim is suffering from excess stress hormones and needs relaxation.
The avoidance cluster is based on how we relate to other people. It can involve a general numbing of emotions, a lack of interest in others, a feeling of isolation and no purpose in life.
Visit to see The Trauma Code and to learn more about my story of trauma and performance and why yoga and meditation are behaviours that cultivate both recovery & performance.
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Doug Smith
NHL, 2nd Pick Overall – Author & Speaker on Trauma & the impact on Performance.
Personal story about the Impact of the mental side of Trauma.

March 14, 20160

Your Spirit Guides are the members of your divine team that were especially assigned to you before your present incarnation. On special occasions new Spirit Guides may join your team when you face particular life events, such as divorce, loss of a loved one, important career change, etc. However, these guides depart when their presence is no longer required.
Before coming here you chose specific life lessons you would like to experience on Earth. Your Guides know of these lessons and their role is to help you succeed and understand your life journey. However, they have a deep respect for the human experience, therefore they do not get involved or influence unless you ask them too or if you are headed in a wrong direction. For example, if you are about to face an unforeseen situation that might alter your life plan, they will step in and set things right as much as they can.
Many of my clients tell me that they ask for help repeatedly, but don’t get the results they want. I myself have felt for a long time that I was pretty much abandoned by my own divine team. I realized with experience that it was because I had difficulty understanding the messages (and even when I did, I was sometimes too stubborn to follow their instructions). I felt that they did not help me much; that I always had to face everything on my own. When I started listening, they told me that I was the one who had chosen this life; therefore I was responsible for the direction I was going to take it. Sure, it would be easier if they removed all the challenges I have to face (ideally without me having to lift a finger), but now I understand much better the reasons why they sometimes make themselves scarce (or so it seemed).
The guidance of the Spirit Guides can be pretty subtle and they might use unconventional channels to communicate with us. If you have a preconceived idea of ​​how your connection with your Guides will happen, there is a good chance that you might miss some information. In my case, they sometimes use people I meet for their messages, they send me flashes of ideas or strong intuitions or they send me dreams I clearly remember the next day. For other people, the transmit information via a song that keep popping in their mind, a book that begs to be read, a television show that answers exactly their questions, etc.
Guides often have a personality that is in harmony with your needs or the type of person you are. My Guides, for example, have a great sense of humor (I learn better with laughter). They pretend to shake me physically when I’m stubborn and/or I complain too much. No matter the way they communicate, it is always in a loving way, devoid of any judgement. Which is good, because I sometimes had moments of frustration towards them. I even tried to fire them during a particularly difficult time, but luckily they ignored my silly request until I regained my senses.
The best part of connecting with the Spirit Guides is that they can help create your best life more easily. As I understand more and more how to ask for their help, but more importantly how to receive it, great things have happened in my life. Amazing things, that I would have never thought possible, are happening in my life without much effort.

You may have guessed that I’m a big fan of my divine team and those of my clients. I have so much gratitude for how they challenge me, encourage introspection and personal growth, and accompany me on my journey to become my best possible self.

So I strongly encourage you to start connecting with your Spirit Guides, whether for big or small requests. You can speak to them in the car, while taking a walk, during a meditation, it doesn’t matter when or how… just connect with them, but do not forget to listen for the answers!

If you need help to improve your connection with your Spirit Guides, feel free to contact me for a private consultation or join the Monthly Channeling and Clairvoyance Workshops at Inner Revolution!

March 6, 20160

Reflection is a way to begin observing yourself. With the reflection process you may begin to see your behaviours, patterns and energies and how they move you around on your path. If we truly open our eyes to our own individual reflection these behaviours, patterns and energies will always arise. If we are to grow and change with time and space then we must learn to reflect. Learning how to move backwards into the past without emotional ties but with a reflective lens. Then we can use this reflective lenses to paint a clearer picture of our path to the future. We can start to use reflection as a potential energy. This power once reflected on then becomes released as transferable energy.

-Written in reflection

March 1, 20160

On our path we as humans want to feel balance. We gravitate to people who balance us out. We can eat certain foods and exercise to balance our bodies. Balance is necessary on a cellular level to survive. If we connect and work at balance daily, we can find inner balance. This inner balance speaks to us by emotions. We feel happy and complete then chances are we have found inner balance. But how do we stay balanced. In our lives we are being thrown different energies all the time. Not only do we have those internal forces like emotions and to do lists within us but we also have external forces from others like our friends and family and then even more external of the universe such as weather and hours in the day. So the question becomes how do we do it? My belief is that a practice of something that connects you with your spirit will provide this balance. A practice is something that you do everyday. A devotion to something but the key is it has to be a spiritual connection. This spiritual connection acts as a pendulum in the cosmos. Moving and guiding around all these internal and external forces upon us. This is what I call cosmic grounding. This spiritual practice helps you tune in to your higher self. This higher self has and holds all your answers. This higher self is the key to your inner balance.

Written from a path of inquest and discovery.