June 2016 - Inner Revolution Yoga Studio

June 21, 20160

Self Reflection is at the center of the yogic path. We call it Svadhyaya. This process is deep, full of questions and full of answers. When we really being to reflect we see what is on the other side. We begin to open up to our true self and all that it holds. To begin this process of self-reflection we must remain open and understanding to all that may come. We must not judge or think negatively towards what we see. This journey starts where you are. Becoming present and still in the moment you are in.

-Written with love, in love, giving love.

June 3, 20160

The path of yoga talks a lot about how to live a life of peace, balance and harmony. The path is deep and interlaced with connections to our bodies, minds and souls. The interplay between the role of our mind and our heart is at the centre of this practice. Finding points of concentration in which we become “all in” creates a breakdown of the negative patterns and impressions that we create. We heal in this movement however small them moment may be. Absorption is this “all in” moment when we become absorbed in the meditation (object, mantra, seed). Then with integration we begin this break down of barriers, walls, negative patterns or impressions that we have and we are creating.

-Written on the path