July 2016 - Inner Revolution Yoga Studio

July 23, 20160

The most common read fortune can also be the truth. As the saying goes, you are what you eat, your brain is also shaped by you intentions. Reading a simple positive message each day can help shape your brain and create positive connections in your life. We are what we think. You create this message to yourself. I AM. Finish the sentence I AM WHAT____________________. If we feel good news is on its way then it will be.

-Creating good news

July 23, 20160

Space refers to the energy in your surroundings. Your auric field. The size of your aura depends on many things and it can move from a small space when we are down physically, mentally, spiritually to are large space when we are grounded, balanced and flowing. This space can be felt energetically by anyone in your auric field. In certain practices like yoga the instructor, the guide holds the space with their energy. This enables clients to use this safe space to get what they need. Holding space for others takes balance, love and compassion towards oneself and others.

-Teaching, guiding, holding space for all to grow

July 19, 20160

In yoga we are moving toward enhancing our awareness of various aspects of our experience: body, mind, heart, and soul. An accessible practice that helps tie all of these together is our breath. Bringing awareness to the movement of our breath grounds us not only in the physical body, but in the present moment. Here we have the opportunity to notice any thoughts and emotions that may arise during our asana practice from a non-judgmental space.

While moving through our asana practice we can often lose our connection to our breath; with great compassion for where we are in our journey, we can notice when this occurs and gently guide our attention back to our breath. Cultivating this relationship between observing sensations and maintaining our breath regulates our nervous system and allows us to better tolerate any stress that we may encounter. Teachers often cue breath to help students build this mindful habit and, ultimately, carry this tool with them off the mat and into their everyday life.

-Meagan Cumming, http://meagancummingyoga.com/

July 14, 20160

When we begin to open up space in our own bodies and mind we begin to create space in our environment. Creating space is a technique used to open up unused channels of our minds and bodies. We choose to create or take up space. Choosing what FEELS right in this space becomes the path. Moving the right things into this space will also create new space. We always have enough space it is learning what to do with that space.
-Finding and creating space in which to evolve

July 5, 20160

When we begin to explore balance we fall a lot. This is the first step. From this first fall we have the opportunity to learn so much. We begin to break down where our focus was, where our weight distribution is and we begin in an exploration of self. As we age we have the choice to fall and learn or continuing to fall. The choice is always ours. If we begin to honor our balance we then begin to find a more solid foundation. With a solid foundation becomes more opportunity to learn and grow. This is a practice. This takes time. This takes community. This takes self-love.

-Written on the journey to find and honor my balance