October 2016 - Inner Revolution Yoga Studio

October 24, 20160


There is value in everything. If it has a vibration then it can be used for energy. It can create a positive or negative charge and both are available at all times. Creating a positive charge requires positive vibrations. Thoughts that are positive clear create a uninterrupted flow to the source. Life is all about you but yet not about you. When you create a positive charge with a balanced nucleus you become a magnet to what you put out. Any thought becomes manifested into the time and space at which you created it.

Create a conscience connection with the chant I am I am. Chant this over and over out loud for 11 min each day. Connect to your source and manifest what you want.

Written connecting with my higher vibration.

October 14, 20160

Pieces of reflection spark the divine consciousness within. This spark lights this cosmic fire in which we dance in harmony. Balancing on earth, transforming in water, creating with fire, softening with air and opening with space.

October 2, 20160

Connecting to our spirit means something different to everyone. How we observe and view this space that we are connected to is very individual. This connection to the higher self can help illuminate any path. If one opens their heart and feels their direction in life, movement becomes fluid and rhythmic. The amazing thing about this path is that it is accessible to everyone. With a practice and training the soul can overtake the ego and the outcome is peace. With a connection to our spirit we begin to realize that we create our own suffering. Our thought patterns create energy, create words that can hurt ourselves and others. Search, ask questions, feel.

Remember that life is the hyphen between matter and spirit. -Author unknown.