November 2016 - Inner Revolution Yoga Studio

November 30, 20160


We sometimes we feel that we carry the weight of the world. Could it be that we carry the weight of others negative energy? How can you adjust and tune your energy so it becomes positive and good? Then how can you share your good energy and still leave some in the tank for yourself?
1. To adjust your energy and keep it positive tune into a positive thought, allow that thought to create a positive feeling. Tune into that positive feeling. Hold it in your heart space.
2. Share your good energy without attachment. Do not hold onto it selfishly. Sharing your positive energy without attachment will only fill up your cup.

-In the service of giving.
December Theme-Service

November 28, 20160


It is with hope one becomes strong.
It is hope darkness turns to light.
It is hope that creates the divine.
It is hope that anchors the soul.

November 23, 20160


Is kind.
I mix with hope.
Is swift.
I run with hope.
Is brave.
I collect boundless strength
From hope.
Is sincere.
I invite hope
To accompany me
To the Golden Shore.

– Sri Chinmoy, The Dance of Life, part 16

November 16, 20160

If one dreams, hopes and can ground then they are able to inspire hope. Inspiring hope in others turns on a light in them. They begin to see their direction in life. They begin to listen deeply and become inspired by themselves and their light gets brighter and brighter.

-written with the desire to inspire hope in many

November 5, 20162

Hope anchors the soul. It is the eternal drive, the positive vibration that mixes and moves through our paradigms. With hope one can move forward and up. Hope gives us the fire to burn bright. We hope for health, we hope for a good future, we hope for others. The definition of hope is trust and reliance. If we trust in our gifts and in our heart, we move in only one direction. Forward. We must never give up hope. Once we choose hope anything is possible.