February 2017 - Inner Revolution Yoga Studio

February 23, 20170

I am connected to my vibration of abundance and there is an endless supply. My mantra for the month of February. I use this mantra every morning during my meditation. It is strong and if you believe there is enough it will come. The opposite is also true. If you believe there is not enough that is what you will tune into.
Start to tune in with your inner dialogue. Are you bringing in abundance? If yes, amazing keep on bringing it! If not look at how you feel about abundance, specifically money, wealth, your money. These feelings can help you tap into your vibration. Once you can pin point your vibration good or bad you can begin the journey into abundance.

– There is an endless supply of abundance for each one of us

February 8, 20170

The connection to love is a strong and powerful one. It is a deep healing vibration that once opened can have tremendous effects on the person. I took a workshop around this time last year called opening the illuminated heart. The 5 day workshop taught us how to connect and enter what they call the illuminated heart. This space inside us that is light and open. Once one opens this space the powerful light or love can be shared simply by being around this energy. One way to begin to connect to this space is through Metta Meditation.
-Always In love, on love, with love