June 2017 - Inner Revolution Yoga Studio

June 30, 20170

As we begin to wake up our consciousness we are confronted with some very intense feelings. These feeling can range from low frequencies such as fear to the highest of frequencies bliss. With this fluctuation of extremes and is very important to stay grounded to our earth’s energy. If we are not safely grounded these emotions can carry us away and can depression and more anxiety. Recognizing that you are starting to wake up is the first step. Once you are ready then learning how to ground yourself is the second. Here are some safe ways to ground yourself:

1) Walk in nature
2) Yoga
3) Meditation
4) Singing
5) Dance

Can you think of any others that work for you?

June 29, 20170

If any of you have ever had anxiety you know that it can create all kinds of different reactions. Sometimes we eat, sometimes we sleep, sometimes we avoid. I suffer from anxiety and over the past year I am learning to sit and be with my anxiety. It is a part of me and will always be but when I sit in the anxiety and breath it will pass. Learning to just be is a powerful tool. Having a safe healthy outlet to allow that energy to move is also very important.

What tools do you use for anxiety?

-learning to be

June 28, 20170

“Your own self- realization is the greatest service you can render the world.”
-Ramana Maharshi

When we surrender to our highest self we become the model for others. When one realizes their full potential they begin to open and teach others to do the same. “This is what teachers do- we prepare ourselves to serve the student, and then we wait for the student to arrive.” Dr. De Angelis

What are you teaching?

June 26, 20170

What does healing mean to you? When I reflect on the word healing I think of moving through something. I used to think that this was really, really hard and avoid it at all costs because when you heal you have to open something up, an old wound and this hurts. When we begin our healing journey there are a few things to remember. One we need to trust the people around us and be in a safe space to heal. Two we need to understand different modalities of healing so that we can use the right one for our wound. There are many ways to heal do not limit yourself to one because it worked in the past.

Here are a few examples of different healing modalities:
1. Psychotherapy
2. Naturopath
3. Yoga Therapy
4. Chrystal Healing
5. Reiki
6. Journey
7. Cognitive Behavior Therapy
8. Somatic Release
9. Massage
10. Love

Can you think of any others?

June 22, 20170

This weekend I made a big decision in terms of the direction of IR online. I knew that the decision to collaborate and move IR online was not right. My initial gut feeling with this platform was that it was not the right fit. Instead of listening to this feeling we decided to go ahead. I became attached to the idea but every time we moved forward my gut let me know that this was not the right direction. It was severe anxiety that made me stop and sit with it. When I became still I knew that I was attached to idea and the model. I made the decision this weekend to remove the camera and mic and to listen to my gut. I believe IR online still exists but a different model is needed and I fully understand that. I also understand that this is a journey and there are many lessons to be learned. Key lesson here is LISTEN TO YOUR GUT!
Your gut is that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach. If you make a decision and know it is not the right one your gut will let you know. Many times, we ignore this feeling because we become attached to the outcome or the idea. We fear failure and our pride (ego) gets in our way. When we become attached our ego begins to justify all our decisions. The more in tune we become with our gut and our intuition the more we can release these attachments and make better decisions for our journey.


June 21, 20170

Have you ever wondered why we make decisions? How many decisions do we make in an hour? What happens once those decisions have been made? This is a big topic and one that is studied a lot. No doubt about it, decisions are important. They move us in a direction. If we don’t make a decision we don’t move, act or create. Decisions create pathways for our energy to move. We make a decision and our energy follows that decision. We do not realize what is prompting us in how we make decisions. Our memory and patterns that are formed by our parents, by our environment, by our schooling all play into our decision making and our responses. Many of us fall back into what I like to call a loop. Making the same decisions over and over that do not move us in a positive direction. What I find really helps to clear the screen aka the brain, so that we can have a better picture is meditation. Meditation when practiced becomes this tool to help remove the prompts that have been patterned into us. The prompts that create our loops. Meditation opens space in the mind and clears what is not important or what does not fulfill our true path.

-Learning day by day

June 20, 20170

Another word for transition is change. Change is the only constant thing. We must evolve with change and learn how to adapt to what is happening in our environment. We choose transition for our theme because May and June seem to be extremely busy for most of us and as we transition into July we slow down.

How can we help our body and mind ease into transition? Here are some ways that help us;

1. Regular exercise of the body- With all the built-up anxiety around change moving the body helps the energy be released.

2. Be mindful- Be in the present and recognize what it is

3. Practice yoga for release- Practice letting go in your yoga, may it be your thoughts, your tension or a pose that you are working on. See if you can release it, let it go.

June 19, 20170

What does it mean to unfold? In asana or physical postures the unfolding of the body elicits an opening of energy. We call these channels nadis. Small pathways that run energy through our bodies. As we inhale and unfold this lengthening that occurs in our spine creates new space and new energy. Another way to look at unfolding is the brain. The outer layer of the cerebellum, known as the cerebellar cortex, is made of tightly folded gray matter that provides the processing power of the cerebellum. The cerebellum helps to control motor functions such as balance, posture, and coordination of complex muscle activities. The more we practice these postures the more the cerebellum unfolds therefore creating more space in our brain.

-Unfolding the folding process

June 16, 20170

How do you find your place? Finding yourself requires a lot of patience, work, reflection and failures. This is what the journey is. The journey of life is finding your place on this earth. Where you thrive, live, feel, move and express. The way many of us currently live is from a place that we are not thriving, feeling, moving or expressing. We look for the short term? What will fix this now? There is no quick fix to finding your place. We need to be able to put in the time for ourselves (self care). We need to experience failure which helps us find new solutions to old problems.

-Finding my space

June 15, 20170

What do you beleive? If you are of the belief that we are all part of the whole and exist together in oneness, then it may be easier for you to find the universe inside of you. How would you describe the universe?

-exploring the universe daily