September 2017 - Inner Revolution Yoga Studio

September 29, 20170

When you create a reflection practice the intention is to look at each day with awareness and with out judgment. When we become aware of our negative patterns we can then begin to change them. There are always wonderful things happening we just need to look in the right places.
Reflection is the change in direction of a wavefront at an interface between two different media so that the wavefront returns into the medium from which it originated.

September 28, 20170

Finding light inside yourself is a practice of higher vibration. Here are some ways to help you find your light:

1. Tune into the lighter areas of your body, the areas that feel at ease. Give yourself permission to sit in this ease and light for a period of time.

2. Sun salutations are a sequence of yoga postures done together with breath. This is a practice to the sun. When we practice to the sun we are asking it to bring in light.

3. Light a candle with the intention to have more light. Being in the presences of fire especially with an intention to bring in more light can help fill you up with light.

-Searching for the ligh

September 27, 20170

In this heat wave we are reminded to slow down. In an effort to create more mindfulness begin to notice how you fast you walk. Then slow down your pace and feel your toes and feet touch the ground as you move from your right to left foot. Mindful walking is a great simple practice to introduce some mindfulness into your day.

-walking mindfully

September 22, 20170

Marvel is to be in awe of something. Teaching kids to marvel is easy. They do it all the time when they learn something new or see something for the first time. When they say “awwwwwwwe”. Teaching adults how to marvel is a great thing. We have seen a lot and done a lot but there is so much to marvel at on this earth. Take time every day to marvel. If we allow ourselves to marvel and experience awe we are in one of the highest forms of love.

How to marvel:
Find something that really is a gift to this earth. Something that is part of creation like a tree, flower, lake, river or another human being. Then allow yourself to say “awe” out loud and feel the vibration of being in awe.

-Highest vibration of oneself

September 19, 20170

How do we find our inner inspiration? That fire in our belly to spark our imagination. We find one of the best practices to have is a mindfulness or meditation practice first thing in the morning. This helps clear and open our space t let the light in that can inspire us. Just a small practice of 5-10 min each morning can help ignite your inner inspiration.

Morning Mindfulness Practice:

1) First thing when you wake up scan your body. Move your awareness and notice how each part of your body feels. Notice without judgement.

2) When eating your breakfast put down your fork, spoon or glass before you take another bite. Notice the texture of the food in your mouth, notice the smell, the taste. Enjoy your meal.

3) Take 3 breaths before you answer your phone.

-Inspired to create mindful spaces

September 14, 20170

This is some writing that just comes from the right side of my brain. I call it a poem of fully present awareness.

As we sit in true stillness the world becomes one with us. We embrace the full magnitude of all that is offered to us.

Sun webs glowing within the full spectrum of light.
Inner education opening pathways that we never knew existed.
Our tones of emotions from the depths of fear to the height of peace.
Love to give to others.
The power of inner decision to break through and find the keys to your locked doors.
Choice of our thoughts which can lead us to our highest self.

September 12, 20170

Recently I have been working with meditations from a teacher of mine. Sally Kempton is one of today’s most authentic spiritual teachers. She teaches devotional contemplative tantra—an approach to practice that creates a fusion of knowing and loving. Known for her ability to transmit inner experience through transformative practices and contemplation. I have not met her in person but have read a lot of her material and her teachings have opened me up to receive more love. This practice in breath has been helpful in working with my recent back pain and the anxiety and depression that comes from chronic pain.

In this practice we use the exhale to lift us and the inhale to ground us. This creates a very different experience then the typical inhale to lengthen and exhale to open.

Practice this breath for 3-5 min
1- Begin in a comfortable seated position. Supported by a bolster, blanket or block. Start by tuning into your physical body. Bringing awareness to any areas that are tight or tired.
2- Begin to notice your breathing. Start to send gentle loving breaths into those areas that are tight or tired.
3- Exhale feel your air moving and lifting you up toward your crown or the top of your head.
4- Inhale feel your air moving into your root or the base of your spine.

September 11, 20170

Here are some tips we use at the Bellhouse home to help our kids start the week off mindful and tuned in.

Tune in Tips:

1. We start the day with some sort of gratitude when we wake up. What are we thankful for today? What makes us feel love? Tunning into love is easy for the younger kids as they feel it. Just embracing that vibration of love has enormous output as they move with that throughout the day. Imagine being around people that are sending love all day….

2. We have the boys do there chores. Having them take responsibility creates great work ethic and they see the value in what they contribute to our home. Start small and start when they are young. Aidan the 4 year old feeds the dog and cleans up the dishes from breakfast. Owen the 7 year old walks the dog.

3. Breath. This is so easy right! Just spend a few breaths together. Connecting and teaching our youth about this life force will help them learn how to self regulate and learn that with the practice of breath we can change any thought or feeling.

4. Marvel. This is by far my favorite approach. Marveling is a form of love. When we can see the beauty in what this life provides we can vibrate on a higher level. When you marvel say the word “Awe” out loud. We are in awe. Find things that are living and that are truly a spectacle of life.

-Creating conscious children

September 8, 20170

Nadi Shodhana, also known as Alternate Nostril Breathing, is a powerful breathing practice with wide reaching benefits. Nadi is a Sanskrit word meaning “channel” or “flow” and shodhana means “purification.” When we feel confused and need some clarity this is a breath which will help balance the left and the right hemispheres of your brain. The effects of a daily breathing practice or Pranayama are enormous as this breath is our life force and can help us heal from the inside.

Nadi Shodhana Steps:

1) Find a comfortable seated position. Tune into your breath.
2) Take your left and and place it on your left knee. Take your right hand and bend your pointer and index finger toward your palm. See blog photo.
3) Use your lifted ring and baby finger to plug your left nostril off. Inhale through your right nostril, plug right nostril with your thumb and release left nostril exhaling.
4) Inhale through left nostril, plug left nostril off. Exhale through right nostril, Inhale right nostril.

Short and sweet of this breath is that you are only using one nostril to breath in and out of at a time while the other nostril remains closed. This technique takes some time but there are lots of great videos online to help you master the breath.

Left nostril breathing activates the Ida Nerve Ending in the left nostril, which relates to calmness and relaxation. Left nostril breathing is associated with the moon energy, which is changeable, feminine, yin, giving, and cool. Breathing through the left nostril for five minutes can calm you and lower your blood pressure. -Kundilinin Yoga

Right nostril breathing activates the Pingala Nerve Ending in the right nostril, which relates to alertness and activity. Right nostril breathing is associated with the sun energy, which is a constant, masculine, yang, and hot. Breathing through the right nostril for five minutes can energize yourself and raise your blood pressure. -Kundilinin Yoga