October 2017 - Inner Revolution Yoga Studio

October 31, 20170

What is a tough conversation? You know a conversation that you usually avoid or put off. The conversations that may hurt another persons feelings or go against your values. These conversations are important to have and will help you grow. Having your voice heard is a very expansive process. It allows you to aline with your highest self. It is important to communicate how you feel in a mindful compassionate way. We can let others know that we feel hurt or angry without hurting them.

We use these 3 tips from Jae Ellard to help us stay confident during tough conversations.

Tip #1 Context
It isn’t just about assigning blame. It is about creating dialogue around toxic and disruptive issues, so all involved can feel heard and choose to create a different reality. Offer context as to what the issue is, and, ideally, why it’s actually an issue for you. Done in a nonjudgmental way, this kind of sharing builds compassion and allows everyone to get on the same page. It’s when we don’t offer context that the discomfort grows.
It’s when we don’t offer context that the discomfort grows.

Tip #2 Invite Options

If someone is making a request that isn’t possible, say so and invite a conversation about what is possible. It’s important to ask how that might work for the person making the request. Explaining, offering another solution, and inviting dialogue increases the sense of sharing and collaboration.

Tip #3 Be Sincere
Say what you mean with grace, respect, and as much authenticity as possible. When you speak from the heart, even if others don’t like or agree with the message, the energy behind the intention comes through. Odds are strong that your honesty will help things to shift.

October 30, 20170

Mindfulness is described as being aware of the present moment without judgement. It does not mean emptying our mind but choosing to be present with what is. The what is could be good or bad. The awareness brings us in tune with our senses. To bring ourselves into the present moment we can ask ourselves;

1. What do we feel?
2. What does it look like?
3. what do I smell?
4. What do I taste?
5. What do I hear?

Notice, Do not judge, Be curious

October 27, 20170

What is a mindfulness bell?

A mindful bell is something that will help you tune into the present moment. A cue during your day to turn your intention to the present moment.

Some examples of a mindfulness bell are;

Stop at a red light take 3 breaths
Every time you open an email take 3 breaths
Every time you get text message you take 3 breaths
Touch a door knob take 3 breaths

October 26, 20170

The central channel of energy is our spinal column. This channel connects us to above and below. The energy running up our spine the upward current is the energy of liberation. This upward flow channels our energy liberating up along the different centers of our spine or Chakras. The downward current is called the energy of manifestation.

The upward current, which is most commonly associated with chakra theory, is called the current of liberation. It begins at the earth and rises through the body, step by step. The journey to consciousness allows us to wake up to new possibilities and liberate ourselves from constricting or compulsive behaviors. In the ancient texts, this current is called mukti, or freedom.

The downward current, which begins in consciousness and descends toward the earth, is the current of manifestation. Beginning at the crown of the head, thought forms arise and become denser and more specific with each step downward, until they manifest on the physical plane. You might have no idea, then form your idea into images, talk about it to your friends, and give it your energy until you manifest a finished product. The ancients called this downward current bukti, or enjoyment.

-Taken from Anodea Judith
Currents of Energy

Book Recommendation
Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith

October 25, 20170

This week has been a week for us to reflect on growth. How we personally evolve as higher beings. Many of us get stuck when the growing pains kick in. When the pain and expansion of your higher self becomes overwhelming the best thing to do is embrace it. Listen to your seeker who says….”this is your journey, your path and all of this pain is part of it”. Moving through pain and difficulty becomes a great opportunity reflect on the lessons to be learned. In pain we learn empathy, compassion, and patience. When the growing pains are over we evolve as a stronger foundation with powerful inner tools of self confidence, empathy and compassion for thy self.

-in growth we learn

October 23, 20170

Hi Brenna, you don’t know me very well, but we’ve talked a couple of times at your yoga studio. Several months ago I found a magazine article about your story starting your business. I was blown away by what you’ve had to go through in life and how you were able to turn your struggles and pain into an inspiring and thriving business of helping and healing others. You talk about the benefits of breathing and yoga in daily life but you’re a survivor and a great model to look up to in doing it right. My story is very close to yours which is why it has hit home for me. Your studio, even though I can’t go as much as I want to, has been a safe place, a healing place and a growing place. I dont know how many times I have cried during the session or actually slept when I got home because I felt at peace with myself. It’s amazing. I know I could go to bigger commercial places, but the studio is always my first choice. Your staff is so caring and happy and serious about helping us get the poses right. I always feel better when I go. As a woman and as a mom I have so much love and respect for you and what you’re doing. Thank you for doing the work that you do and for being the example and inspiration to others. Keep up the good work:)!

-from a yogi at Inner Revolution

October 23, 20170

My whole life I have had a vision, a deep calling to find my true and highest self. The gift that was given to me was the gift of teaching. I made my way through school being an average student but feeling like there was so much more to life then what we were learning in school. After I graduated high school I went into University and became a teacher. My calling had been answered. As soon as I graduated university the reality kicked in, teaching jobs were hard to find and I quickly realized that change in the education system would not come easily. Inner Revolution was born out of a larger vision and mission for change. I want to have an impact that will help change the lives of many in a positive direction. Inner Revolution allows our tribe full creative control and flexibility to align with our highest self and inspire and model this direction for others.

October 20, 20170

There has been many studies that show how yoga and mindfulness improves individual lives. When we improve ourself we improve the whole world. Think about what kind of world we would live in if we all children started to learn meditation, breath, and yoga in kindergarten. Teaching students about community not competition. Yoga and mindfulness techniques give students and adults the capacity to cope with stress and provide a sense of self empowerment, helping them overcome obstacles that may have seemed impossible before. The ripple effect and the impact on society is profound as we help elevate the consciousness of our youth. Teaching, empowerment, collaboration, higher insight and helping them pave their path to their highest self.

October 19, 20170

Today I was looking for some creativity in my language. I needed to find my words to make a vision come alive. In my meditation I called upon the Hindu goddess Saraswati. She is the goddess of speech, learning and knowledge. Whenever I feel stuck in my words or need some understanding she is a great entity to call upon. Using a mantra for Saraswati can offer the mind ease and focus while calling on the goddess for wisdom and words.

To call on Saraswati Repeat this mantra 5 times and then ask her to help you find what you need.

Aing Saraswathye Namah

October 18, 20170

Today we lost a Canadian Icon. Gord Downie left this earth leaving a legacy behind. His heart, his music, his stories have been heard over and over in Canadian households. What does it mean to leave a legacy? What will your legacy be? I know I want to leave this earth making it a better one. I want to become a better person so that I can help inspire others to be better. Gord Downie inspired me to be a better person. Thank you….Rest in peace, you are a bright light Gord.

“I’m a dancer. It’s what I love to do more than anything.” — Gord Downie, 2009
-Me too Gord, Me too!