November 2017 - Inner Revolution Yoga Studio

November 30, 20170

One of the 4 truths in the buddhist tradition is that every single thought (the cause) has an effect. This is an amazing thing to reflect on daily. Just think of every thought you have and how it has manifested to where you are right now. Think of how much further we could get if every thought was done with the heart. How different would we be?

November 29, 20172

When we think of fear what comes to mind? First a physiological reaction, heart racing, body starts to sweat. Then we start to notice the cognitive reactions, mind racing about all the potential dangers this fear holds. From here we move into an emotional reaction attaching the label of fear to this feeling. Then it leaks into our connective tissue and grips at our muscles repeating the cycle all over again unitl we are able to detach from its hold.

The first type a fear we hear a lot about as this was born out of a need for survival. We needed to feel fear to keep us alive. If we were not scared of the lion the lion would eat us. The wiring system is still there but there is no lion. In our society today our lions do not kill us quickly they eat away at us slowly. Things like stress, anxiety, depression are what put this fear cycle back in motion.

The second type of fear is the fear we feel when we are going to make a bad decision. This fear puts the cycle in motion to let us know that there will be negative outcomes to this choice.

It is funny in our society we still tend to listen to the first type of fear that should of evolved into the second type of fear. But we haven’t. Why not?

November 27, 20170

When we are able to tune in with our natural flow of energy we can ask questions when we are unsure of the direction we need to take. Sometimes when I ask a question I open a book and there on that page lies the answer. When I asked the question; How do I follow my vision? I opened the book The Celestine Vision.

All I needed to do was read the contents;

1-Pursuing our dreams
2-Experiencing the coincidences
3-Understanding where we are
4-Entering the responsive universe
5-Overcoming the power struggle
6-Experinencing the mystical
7-Discovering who we are
8-Evolving consciously
9-Living the new interpersonal ethic
10-Moving toward a spiritual culture
11-The view from the afterlife
12-Visualizing human destiny

November 23, 20170

When we reflect on space we see that there is endless potential. Space is without time, depth it just is. Love is very similar in that there is endless potential. There is enough love. Love can create. Love can destroy. Love can heal. Love CAN. So just love.

-With love

November 22, 20170

To wake up you need to fully arrive. Fully inhabit this present moment it is worth it.
– Lama Surya Das

November 21, 20170

The human who is not ruffled by these, who is brave, and the same in pain and pleasure, shapes themselves for immortality.

~II-15 Bhagavad Gita

November 20, 20170

As the all-pervading ether is too subtle to be affected by anything it pervades, so abiding everywhere in the body the self remains unaffected.

~XIII-32 Bhagavad Gita

November 16, 20170

Creating a ritual is a powerful motivator. What is the difference between a ritual and a routine? Well for us the attitude behind the action is the main difference between a ritual and a routine. Rituals are packed full of energy and attitude which help drive us in the direction we want to move. Routines help us organize things into areas but create little sense of purpose or belonging. When we are in a routine we can become dull to the awareness that surrounds us.

Here is a break up of what we think are Rituals and Routines:

Provide us with path and purpose
Internally driven
Help us move forward towards a desired result
They tell a story
Help us with performance

Create a dull awarness
Externally driven
Life is looked at as a duty
Focus is on completion
Minimal engagement

November 14, 20170

When you create a Sankalpa think about these questions to help you form your intention:

What matters most to you?
What would you like to build, create, or nurture in your life?
What would you like to let go of?
Who would you like to forgive in your life?
How do you feel when you are your happiest self?
What makes you proud?
What word(s) would you like to align yourself with?
What fears would you like to release?
What are you grateful for?