December 2017 - Inner Revolution Yoga Studio

December 29, 20170

Deep Reflection, Higher Self, Rituals, Expansion

Mantra: Expansion
Celebration of Inner Revolutions 2nd birthday filled us with joy and support of our community. We began to take advantage of what we had created without putting the proper systems into place. Moving forward with lack of planning had a very negative impact on the following months to come.

Mantra: Deep Reflection
The summer began in a very open fluid space but to put simply this was a season of many moving parts. Within these moving parts was the identification of an imbalance in my brain. The manic highs and the steep lows were more real then they have ever been. Poor decision were made that impacted the health and happiness of my family and the business. Loosing site of all that helped keep me grounded in my heart. Inner Revolution suffered low numbers and a leader who needed to recharge and reset her mental health.

Mantra: Rituals
This was a challenging season for us. We came out of a very slow summer feeling defeated and unsupported. Decisions were not being made and relationships were breaking down. Feeling deeply anxious and closed we began to develop rituals to create more expansion and abundance. We began laying down the foundation for a stronger platform and a heart centred approach.

Mantra: Higher Self
As the is a month that always has been a struggle for me since my mother passed away the winter of 2017 was one of problem solving and clairity. We managed to be more present and mindful of our struggles and problems. Feeling completely supported by the earth and our tribe. Open to receiving and giving from the heart with abundance.

December 28, 20170

My Mantras for 2017 were deep refection, higher self, rituals and expansion.

This year was about person growth and expansion for me. Part of this expansion was a deep refection into the ways in which I was not my highest self. This year long journey created abundance for us but not with out despair. What happens when our worst fears manifest? Without to much detail 2 major events happened in 2017 that could have changed my path and destroyed the lives within in it. The answer deep reflection brought was we choose our highest self and through this higher vibration we grow stronger. This is what I did.

Moving forward we will inhale the future while we exhale the past. I am feeling open, supported, grateful and excited for the ripple effect these higher vibrations bring. Choosing to live in our highest self brings only your highest vibrations inward. My mantra for 2018 is I Am I Am. To be what you are is the essence of truth and will lead you to the nature of Reality.

We would love to hear your year in review……

December 22, 20170

When you shift anywhere, it helps you shift everywhere. When you choose somewhere, it helps you choose everywhere.

The point of a shift is to move you into a higher alignment with your highest self. This small saying from Soul Shifts reminds us the every little bit counts. keep shifting.

December 21, 20170

This is a great strategy to uplift and renew your energy. This visual imagery is meant to take you to a sacred spot. Just imagining this scared spot will vibrationally uplift us. A pilgrimage is a journey or search of moral or spiritual significance.

Find a comfortable place and set a timer for 2 minutes. (INSIGHT TIMER) is a get free meditation tool!

For two minutes, do or experience something with the thought and intention that you are taking a scared pilgrimage. Be open and creative allowing your mind and body to expand with this exercise.

December 20, 20170

The intellect does indeed do harm to the soul when it dares to possess itself of the heritage of the spirit.

-C.G Jung

We must be humble with our wisdom and who is guiding us. The self knows all the correct answers but the guide helps us find them.

December 19, 20170

When working with our thoughts it is helpful to understand that we are all suffering the same emotions. We all suffer. The other helpful insight is that we all have a choice to think what we want. Below is a list of Involuntary negative thoughts that we all have but with a voluntary positive thought that it can be traded for.

Agitation – Concentrate on breathing
Antipathy – Kindness
Cruelty – Compassion
Anger – Love
Hate – Compassion
Attachment – Impermanence
Lust – Reflection on the end of all things

December 18, 20170

Shared from the teachings of Buddha

Right Knowledge consists of a correct knowledge of reality, undistorted by ignorance. Reality is constant change.

In other words, knowledge that everything is impermanent. We are in a constant flux.

December 15, 20170

Words have very powerful vibrations to shift us. When we are asked a question like “What were you doing before your parents were born?” It penetrates deep to a higher level of consciousness. It takes us out of the box and allows our energy to create different streams and enter different parts of the brain.

So what were you doing before your parents were born?

December 13, 20170

Your world is gradually expanding, steadily growing and refreshing while finding balance every step along the way. Well-Being is the dominant basis of all that is, of the universe, and of the physical planet upon which you now stand.

-Ester and Jerry Hicks