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December 12, 20170

Do you believe a leader is born or made? Whatever you believe this book has been a game changer for us to lead with consciousness love and kindness. Rituals help us live our dharma and these are some great rituals!

Taken from the book Leadership Wisdom by Robin Sharma

8 rituals of visionary leaders they are:
1. Link Paycheck to purpose
2. Manage by mind, lead by heart
3. Reward routinely, recognize relentlessly
4. Surrender to change
5. Focus on the worthy
6. Leader lead thy self
7. See what all see, think what none think
8. Link leadership to legacy

December 11, 20170

We know this time a year can be super tough. Lots of pressure to buy and spend money, give to charity as well the sun is setting early and we may not even see the sun most days. We begin to get into a negative mindset. Here are some daily tips that can help you bring in some mindfulness which will help move the mind in a positive direction.
1. Notice when you are rushed and then stop and take a few deep breaths. If you give yourself permission to slow down things will flow much easier then the race of rush.
2. Be present when you are doing your daily rituals. Brush your teeth but be there notice, feel, listen.
3. Find something everyday to make you smile and laugh.

December 8, 20170

Raising little souls to reach their dharama is one of my main purposes in life.

Children are so present, positive and perfect. Here are some tips to help your kids find their dharma:

1) Be present and honest with your kids. When they ask questions embrace the opportunity to teach and guide them on their path.

2) Make books with them about things. Find things that they are struggling with or happy with and create a book with them. This teaches them how to self reflect and problem solve.

3) Let kids be kids. We grow up way to fast. Let them wear mismatching socks and pick out their own clothes. This allows them to develop independence and confidence internally.

December 7, 20170

This is a tough one when we feel as if we are doing all the work and giving or sharing something that (I) create for free is a hard concept to grasp. Dharmas view of the self vs the egos view of the self. The self as we know it (the I). I am the center of the universe. Dharmas view of the self is it doesn’t exist as we know it. The self is simply not what we think it is. When we begin to understand the cause and effect and karmic principals then giving and sharing begins to bring us more of what we actually want and align with.

-Ideas from this post come from Awakening the buddha within by Lama Surya Das

December 6, 20170

Living your dharma creates your highest life. When we are aligned and living our dharma we are well on all levels of our system.

Socially: We are aligned socially and tuned into others that are living their dharma. We are connecting in and with our highest lights.

Physically: We are keeping the body open and strong with a health foundation to support our dharma.

Mentally: We are continuing to know, like and trust that this is exactly where we are supposed to be.

Emotionally: We are feeling our emotions as they are and not becoming attached to them.

Spiritually: We know and connect with our higher purpose.

December 5, 20170

How do we bring more dharma into our lives? The teaching of dharma is passed on through the lamas, sages, and other spiritual masters but we see dharma teaching all the time happen in places like yoga studios, meditation centers, mindfulness courses, spiritual groups. Dharma is your blue print, your cosmic purpose, your gift. To live dharma we can reflect on these 4 areas:
1) Human life is precious
2) Everything in this world is a result of cause and effect
3) Impermanence
4) Your higher self

December 4, 20170

What is Dharma? Dharma has many different translations. For us dharma is about finding your truest highest self. Buddha dharama was teaching seekers to know and understand themselves. Today in our western world we have lost touch with our highest self. We fall into the encampment of attachment and the lense becomes dirty. Our vision gets distorted.

December 1, 20170

When we imagine a society in that we all work together to help each other succeed. What comes to many is an image of a utopian society. What we are seeing on earth and online is a shift towards a more collaborative connection. Could this be a movement towards utopia? A society where we work together to advance each other instead of step on each other to get ahead. Once we shift from our minds to our hearts we begin to see the benefits of helping each other advance finically, physically, cognitively and holistically. Looking at profit as what the definition is to benefit. We can all benefit.