2018 Studio Year In Review

January 1, 2019

Practice, Core, Self Love, Peace


Mantra: Practice
Celebration of Inner Revolutions 3rd birthday filled us with joy and support of our community. We began to see more and more members showing up on their mats with dedication to their practice and commitment to yoga.


Mantra: Peace
The summer we found our groove and watched the dedication of our members continue as we continued to work on systems and quality of the vibration. Carmel continued to help us create new efficient ways to do things and we continued to learn and grow in a peaceful way. The studio was cleared and cleansed sage and san palo to help raise the healing vibrations so that our community could feel at peace in or sacred space.



Mantra: Core
Fall became another growth period for Inner Revolution. We had Sabrina a graphic design placement student come in to help us tighten up Inner Revolutions Brand. She started our Instagram account @IRKANATA and worked with Carmel and I to package our systems. This season helped Inner Revolution find it’s center.


Mantra: Self Love
The winter season brought Inner Revolution lots of opportunities with new workshops and new facilitators guiding in the space. The concept of self care and love became our central theme as we held space for others to have compassion and love for themselves. The energy in the space was high vibrational as the outlook for 2019 was light. Brenna announced her vision and travels for 2020 which included the sale of the studio.