April 2018 - Inner Revolution Yoga Studio

April 30, 2018

Socialization is where an individual acquires behaviour patterns, motivations, attitudes, and values that culture deems important. Emotional intelligence is at the heart of this. If we teach our children and ourselves how to express our emotions in an appropriate way we reach beyond our ego centered needs and become truly loving toward each other.

Some tips to create positive socialization:

  1. Teach kindness
  2. Teach compassion
  3. Teach love

April 27, 2018

In yoga there is no such thing as the perfect pose. Our version of what is comfortable and engaged and connected with our bodies can be different each time we practice. In yoga it is about our inner journey of connecting our mind, body and spirit. Each version of each pose is a chance to connect again to the breath, the body and our soul. To find inner peace in our own bodies not anything else. Once we learn to let go of the ego and enjoy the transportation of our soul we begin to find great depths in our poses. In depth their is freedom. In depth their is length. In depth their is so much more then meets the eye.

Find depth in your pose through connection with your heart.

April 26, 2018

If you are new to yoga or just moved into a new community and are looking to practice yoga at a studio what do you look for? When yoga has become vastly popular many gyms, martial arts studios and dance studios now offer yoga classes. It can become quite overwhelming to find a space to practice. Here are some things I look for when I travel and do yoga.

  1. Location: Is there a studio close to where I am staying
  2. Hot or Not: I like unheated yoga so I look for a studio that is not hot.
  3. Types, styles, times: I look for what kind of yoga I am in the mood for
  4.  Read the reviews
  5. Do they offer a yoga assessment? This can help beginners really lay down a solid foundation for their practice.
  6. Do they offer a promotion month or a introduction month? Can I try the classes for a discounted rate for my first time?


April 25, 2018

Inner Revolution has a great group on guides to help us on our yoga journey. When practicing  yoga at a studio it is important to feel safe and comfortable in the class. Here are a few tips to find an instructor that is right for you.

  1. Do they introduce themselves and ask if there is anyone new to the class? This is a great chance to let them know you are new and then they will make sure to give you that extra attention you deserve. This will help them keep an eye on you in case you need any modifications or alignment help.
  2. Do you enjoy the energy of the class? The instructors job is to guide yogis safely and energetically through poses and breath. If you felt calm relaxed and at ease then this is a good instructor for you.
  3. Do you like their style of music and yoga? All instructors are different and even though a class can be called Inner Flow, it can vary quite a bit from instructor to instructor. Each instructor has their own rhythm. As well each instructor is allowed to have an off day. We say give someone 3 classes to see if you like their class.

April 24, 2018

Why do a 30 day challenge? A yoga challenge can be a great way to bring your practice to a deeper level. Yoga is a practice. Ideally a practice that is done everyday. This 30 day challenge gives you and your body and mind an idea of how it feels to be on your mat everyday.

Benefits of  a 30 day challenge:

  1. It creates a habit of getting on your mat
  2. The body starts to get more into alignment
  3. You experience more balance and flexibility on and off your mat
  4. You become part of a community challenge
  5. You challenge yourself with a goal

April 20, 2018

One of the many wonderful things about yoga is that you get to wear super comfortable clothes. Practicing yoga is not about looking fashionable but you can if you want to. My personal love of fashion and yoga helps create a look of comfort and style. I make sure that I can practice yoga wherever I am. My outfits are miss matchy patterns and often oversized with lots of layers to take off or put on for whatever style of yoga I feel like doing. I often feel fashion can be a great way to express your inner light. Here are some trends for this spring;

polka dots




mashed up prints

floral patterns

April 19, 2018

“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.”

Les Brown

April 18, 2018

With yoga becoming popular many different types of yoga and yoga expereinces pop up.  These trends a great way to connect with others and bend and move together but will not have the body, mind, connection that yoga creates. It is hard to stay connected to your body and breath when a goat steps onto your mat. Here are a few yoga experiences that we have heard of;

Goat Yoga

Yoga and Beer

Yoga and Wine

Peacock Yoga

Naked Yoga



Cannibis Yoga

Dog Yoga

Antigravity Yoga

Boxing Yoga

April 17, 2018
This  month’s theme it is the first yoga sutra , yoga sutra 1.1 and it states and now the study and the practice of yoga begins. I thought what a perfect time to start to introduce the sutras and the study and the practice of yoga in the spring when we’re all starting to kind of find ourselves again and start some more movement.
The yoga sutras are the main texts that yoga philosophy looks at for guidance. The sutras are
threads of knowledge woven together and they say that alone they don’t represent much but once read together  they come together and it all  starts to make sense. It is said that it is a path to enlightenment.
The things that I like to take from the first yoga Sutra is that Yoga is more than just the postures. Yoga is a practice and yoga can be studied.
If you interested in yoga there is so much more that can help connect the path and help you connect your dots to living your highest self and really manifesting what you want out of your life. We practice moving the body to open the trauma and breathing to clear the trauma.
Then opening yourself up to abundance, light and love.

April 16, 2018

When starting a practice there are a few things to keep in mind. The first is that it is a practice which means something to work at and practice every day. The next is finding strategies to fit meditation in that work for your life. For some of us that will be early morning and for others that may be before bed. Finding a regular practice time helps us keep a routine and then we are more likely to practice. Keeping an open mind and understanding that the point of meditation is not to clear the mind but to observe the mind without judgment. Once we can relax and be ok with letting our mind wander the process becomes a little more graspable. In meditation it is important to understand that the mind will always wander because that is what it is built to do. Our job in meditation is to constantly bring it back and to be aware of when it does wander. We become gifted in the ability to watch our mind from above. The next stratified to starting a meditation practice is to find a comfortable position. This is very important as if we are uncomfortable our body will let us know then finding that above awareness will be nearly impossible. Some meditation positions can include; seated in a chair, seated cross legged, lying down. There is no perfect position. It is whatever works for you in that moment. The next strategy is consistency. The more often we meditate the more awareness we develop. We are training the mind and this takes time and dedication to the practice. Finding a course in meditation or a guide can help you find something that you will be able to relate with. If a meditation does not work for you let that go and find a different one. Building a meditation tool box with various meditations can help you create a diverse and interesting practice.

If you are interested in meditation or starting a practice we have a 4 week series at Inner Revolution that includes audio, pdf’s and guided practices.