September 2018 - Inner Revolution Yoga Studio

September 28, 2018

My happiness can be measured by the level of my faith in love. We can see when someone believes in the path of love so much they are more happy and at peace. Why would we measure happiness any other way?

September 27, 2018

I trust that my gut reaction is the truth underneath the surface of my fears. This statement helps us trust in the process of how we feel. We are designed to feel the right path but many of us loose this ability to trust our gut. The gut is linked to our intuition. The overall awareness we have about situations. This intuition is in tune with the energy that surrounds us and will send us signals to help us function in better harmony. When we are out of tune we may not hear our gut.

3 ways to tune into your intuition;

  1. Eat a whole nutritious diet. Stay clear of process food that disrupts your actual gut.
  2. Practice movement that helps you move your energy like yoga.
  3. Meditation. A practice of meditation will help you hear more as you learn to quiet the mind.

September 26, 2018

Trust in the process. Enjoy the journey. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Give random acts of kindness. Invest in yourself. Play. Laugh more.

September 25, 2018

We all have a veil over our consciousness. This veil obstructs our senses. Allowing our ego to dictate what we see, hear, touch smell, and taste. Tuning into our senses in meditation can help us increase the strength and power of our present moment experience. This begins the journey of opening up new neuro pathways in our brain. When we sit with our senses especially the ones that are hard to sit with for whatever the reason, we have to become more creative in our brain. We have to start thinking in new and different ways.

For example, when we sit with breath awareness and tune into each sense, the sense of smell and taste can be hard because we not have any smell or taste available to us in that movement or for this experience. This forces us to think differently about those senses.

Try this set your INSIGHT timer for 25 min. Add 5 bells at 5 min intervals so that each sense gets 5 min of your attention.

Breath Awareness with your 5 Senses

Find a comfortable seated position and start the timer.

Explore each sense in your breath for 5 min.

At the end of the 25 min take a few minutes to reflect on your practice.


September 21, 2018

When was the last time you were a kind to a stranger? Random acts of kindness help us spread a positive vibrations around. When someone is kind to you, your heart moves into the feeling of gratitude. You feel supported and connected. Start your random act of kindness practice today!

This is a simple practice to do! Just do something kind for someone every day!

September 20, 2018

This simple pranayama can help charge your vibration and your surrounding environment. The key to this practice is to actually feel the charge of the heart.

Step 1:

Inhale and allow the inhale to pass through the heart and become charged with gratitude, compassion, love and kindness. As we being to feel this we can move it back into ourselves.

Step 2:

Exhale and allow the exhale to pass through your heart and  become charged with gratitude, compassion, love and kindness. As we begin to feel this we move this vibration outward.

September 19, 2018


What is gratitude? How do I feel this? Gratitude is a feeling of love and kindness for something that supports you. To be grateful means you appreciate on a deep level. A practice of gratitude is a great way to shift your brain into a higher vibration. To feel gratitude is to allow yourself to sit in this deep appreciation for someone or something. Be patient and allow your breath to bring about this feeling of gratitude. In the beginning it may not come to you right away but with a daily particle you will be able to find this vibration in yourself at any moment.

September 18, 2018

Children ages 0-7

Children can start yoga at any age. The key to the younger ages is just about the movement, learning the names of the postures, meditations, and breaths.  Introduction is the key.  The more they see the more they do.

Children ages 8-12

When children get to the age of  around 8 they begin to start hitting their growth stage, they may be playing sports for a few years so their muscles are tight and the stretch of the postures in yoga can be very beneficial.  This age is also the age where children can begin to recognize what stress is and how it negatively feels in their bodies and minds. We begin to develop a concentration and meditation practice to help children learn internal tools to use to balance these feelings and emotions.

Tweens ages 13-15

Tweens get their own category. This stage of development is all about what others think of me, how I can fit in. What and who am I? Tweens are really trying to figure out who they are. Their bodies are growing at a super fast rate and their hormones are out of control. At this stage many Tweens need to talk and be heard as well as move the body to move out all the excess energy. Mindfulness at this stage is one of the most important tools you can give your tween. Mindful Movement and a more movement based yoga.

Teens 16-19

This stage in life is all about testing boundaries and exploring the edge. The practice of YIN yoga for this age group may be useful and helping them learn about their physical edge and help them release things they may be holding from testing boundaries. This age group can find a great benefit in learning meditation and focused concentration. It is here where we can teach our youth to manifest and create the journey they want. Guided meditation will be useful tools.


This state we all will need different styles and practices based on our previous lifestyle. Were we active or inactive? Did we overuse our bodies from sports? Are we depleted mentally? Are we healing? Our previous life path will dictate what type of yoga we need.


This stage of life is very similar to adult but we may need many supports for that previous life path. Remember we have been on this path for a long time now so our body and minds are very programmed. Gentle, Restorative, Healing and Sound can all benefit this age group.

September 10, 2018

Over the past few years I have dedicated myself to my healing.  I have had amazing support for this process and would like to share some of the guides that have supported me in my healing.

Some days like you know will be harder than others but the universe never gives us anything we cannot handle. YOU CAN DO THIS!

Build your healing team and commit yourself to becoming your highest self living from the heart in everything you do!


Healing with CBD’s

BLOG & Application form for your doctor

8 Week Mindfulness Training: This is a great resource to learn tips and tools we can use in everyday life to help us stay present and heal with the emotions that come up.

EFT ( emotional freedom tapping): This is a therapy which works with our energetic blocks of trauma once it surfaces.Certified Trauma Treatment Specialist Susan Ford, MSW, RSW

Physiotherapy was also a tool I used to help release some of the muscle tissue that held my trauma. Tatianna Graham is a master healer and does dry needling, cupping, acupressure and is one of the smartest people I know.

Chiropractic also was a tool I used to help realign my nervous system from the shock of resurfaced trauma.