December 2018 - Inner Revolution Yoga Studio

December 31, 2018

Mantra: I AM OPEN

Healing: Shedding the ego and moving into the light

Tools: Sweat Lodge, Meditation, San Paulo, Yoga

Support: My husband, My children, My Yoga community


Reflecting on 2018 I feel deep gratitude for the work I put in. 2018 was painful but I never stopped believing that if I did the work on myself things would get better. Finding the path of least resistance was the lesson. Trusting that which I do not know or see was the vision. Feeling the support from others was the foundation. All of the tools, guides and teachings that were gifted to me in 2018 have helped me transform into my truth. In my truth I have found my deep power. In my knowledge I move into the light with love. In my connection with my center I become anchored to the earth. I become of service to this world.