February 2019 - Inner Revolution Yoga Studio

When a child chooses us as their parent it is our  job on this earth is to raise  connected humans. Ones that understand their dharma and how to share it with the world. Humans that respect themselves, others and the earth. Humans that understand that karma is real and the universal debit is always paid […]

February 18, 2019

When a child chooses us as their parent it is our  job on this earth is to raise  connected humans. Ones that understand their dharma and how to share it with the world. Humans that respect themselves, others and the earth. Humans that understand that karma is real and the universal debit is always paid back with interest. The job of being a mother or father is not an easy role. Some of us rise to the challenge while others constantly make the same mistakes only to rebirth old patterns that keep getting moved along the DNA. A family we do choose. We choose to learn from each family member. To love and respect each other on all paths of choice. To let go of control and let each member of our family learn their own lessons. To trust in the process. To grow in the process. To make mistakes. To honour thy self.

February 14, 2019

Love is the strongest healing vibration there is. The more we open ourselves up to give and receive love the better earth will be. Love is to feel great affection for ourselves and others. This emotion has been gifted to us to use. Here are some fun LOVE facts!

1. Both males and females must have adequate testosterone for sexual attraction.

Yes, even women have small amounts of testosterone. Testosterone creates desire as well as aggressive behavior, which may push you to pursue the person who is creating this desire.

2. We can sense and are attracted to a person with a different immune system.

If this isn’t bizarre, I don’t know what is. This finding came about during a study conducted by Claude Wedekind of the University of Switzerland. He had women test subjects smell unwashed T-shirts of men. Women consistently preferred the smell of the man’s shirt whose immune system was different than their own. Apparently the same findings were discovered in rodents.

3. Falling in love is as addicting as cocaine or nicotine.

Dopamine, a chemical that is released during the initial attraction stage of the relationship is also activated when using cocaine and nicotine. It gives you that rush of pleasure and happiness that makes those drugs so addicting. It also enhances the release of testosterone, which as stated above is essential for attraction. I suppose falling in love would be the safer drug of choice if you had to choose between the three.

4. Love can literally make you crazy.

Something you may or may not know about love is that it can lead to serious infatuation. The same levels of serotonin that bring about the infatuation are found in those with obsessive-compulsive disorder, which is an anxiety disorder. This is probably why you cannot seem to think of anyone else when you have fallen in love.

5. Love needs to be “blind” for survival.

It does not seem to matter what others say to a new lover—he or she is always perfect in our eyes. This blindness is critical for us to move forward in our relationship and is usually required to move onto the “attachment stage” as scientists call it so that they can stay in love long enough to have and raise children; in other words, to populate the earth.

6. Your nerve cells work better during the first year of love.

A protein in our bodies called Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) that is important for the functions of certain sympathetic and sensory nerve cells seems to thrive during the first year of being in love. Basically our senses are heightened and our fight or flight response system is more active during young love.

7. Romantic love and the love between a mother and child share a similar chemical connection.

The hormone oxytocin is released during child birth and when a child nurses as well as during orgasm. Oxytocin is thought to help long-term bonding.

8. When you take away one of the key “bonding” hormones, the attachment will disappear.

A study was done on prairie voles, a rodent that forms a long-term mating pair, where the hormone vasopressin was suppressed. These pore voles lost their interest in their mate immediately and did not even protect one another from new mates.

9. We are attracted to those who look and/or smell similar to one of our parents.

As creepy as this sounds, a partner who looks similar to one of our parents is found to be comforting. If you are a female and your father wore certain cologne, it is a familiar and comforting scent. This makes sense, but let’s not bring Freud into this.

10. We also tend to fall in love with someone who looks like ourselves.

Talk about narcissistic, right? Aside from facial features, hair color and eye color, we also tend to be attracted to those with the same lung volumes, ear lobe lengths and metabolic rates.

Although we might not want to think about these things when we are falling head over heels, it might be necessary to remind ourselves to not completely lose our heads in the chemical love spell we are surely under.

Sources: BBC: The Science of LoveWiki: Biological Basis of LoveBBC: Sensual Signals

February 13, 2019

When we begin to heal the wounds that we are working with get opened up again. We expose our wounds to the elements and feel the pain once again. This part of our healing is about walking with your wounds. When we walk with our wounds we are moving through our pain. Allowing the elements to touch our wounds allows us to feel and be in the presence of what is. Here are some things to remember when we walk with our wounds;

  1. Healing takes time.
  2. Take time to nourish your body and mind when healing.
  3. Healing is dynamic and takes place on many layers of our energy.
  4.  We are resilient beings and can heal from anything!
  5. Honour your pain. Be in it.

February 12, 2019

A monk who had struggled for liberation in vain for many years finally gave up and decided to devote the rest of his life to serving others with more aptitude for zen. Instantly he was enlightened.

February 11, 2019

Zen is a practice in learning how to trust your intuition. A practice in trusting that we know where we should be. Zen is to be. Zen is to know. Zen is to live.



February 7, 2019

What is a comfort zone? This is a space in which you live where there is predictability, safety and security. When we push these boundaries we grow. Doing something that challenges your comfort zone is the best way to learn something new and grow. First you need to know where your comfort zone is. Once you have developed this base line you will know when you are out of it.

Here are a few challenges that you can do to help you grow:

  1. Strike up a conversation with a stranger about LOVE.
  2. Dance in public with no music.
  3. Try a new food.
  4. Take a new way home from work
  5. Do something without clothes on….walk, drive, yoga, meditate

February 6, 2019

When I decide to add something to my daily rituals it needs to be something that I feel will add benefit to my wellness. In my recent discovery of chlorophyll and the health benefits I decided to give it a try. I put it in my water bottle and drink it throughout my day.

What is chlorophyll?

A green pigment, present in all green plants and in cyanobacteria, responsible for the absorption of light to provide energy for photosynthesis. Its molecule contains a magnesium atom held in a porphyrin ring.

Why is it beneficial?

It’s chock full of vitamins and antioxidants, hence why it makes plants happy and also your skin. Studies have proven that chlorophyll, in its various forms, has been proven to fight carcinogens in the body and reduce cancer risk. It also helps detoxify the liver and can expedite the healing of wounds.

February 5, 2019

Awakening means that we are becoming more conscious. More aware of our body, mind and spirit and the environment in which we exist. Once we start to wake up we may be more in tuned to feel, see and use our gifts. For some of us it may be a clairvoyance. For others it may be service. Each and everyone on this planet is born with a unique gift. Awakening to this gift and using it to serve the world is dharma.