June 2019 - Inner Revolution Yoga Studio

June 28, 2019

  1. Love: Love is an intimate connection that helps us open up our heart to feel more. There are many types of love.
  2. Food: Food is a connection to our bodies and the earth. When we connect with our food our body begins to develop more intelligence and we can access deeper levels of healing.
  3. Physical: Touch is needed to connect. If we are not touched enough it will be very hard for us to connect to others.
  4. Mental/Emotional: Connecting to others on a mental level means we can relate to them. We can understand and have compassion for them.
  5. Spiritual: Connecting to something greater that is. This connection helps us expand our broader sense of everything around us. When we have spiritual connection we need nothing else as we are satisfied with what is.
  6. Cognitive: Connecting to a level of thought that others understand helps us work through problems to find solutions. 
  7. Social: Connecting with others and creating communities is a way to feel supported and that you are not alone.

June 27, 2019

Human beings need connection to survive. Our brains, bodies and souls are wired to have these authentic connections. When we form more of the connections that truly serve us we open up new areas of the brain. Rewiring and moving towards less suffering.

June 26, 2019

Connection is an authentic feeling of being close or relating to someone or something. Connection should not be confused with attachment. We can connect in many different ways. We all connect differently but there are a few common ones all human beings need.

June 25, 2019

Lessons we can learn from live music:

  1. How to navigate crowds
  2. Acceptance and non judgement
  3. Confidence

Games to play to create more connection:

What instruments do you here in the song? Have everyone listen closely to the music and pick out an instrument that they hear.

Going into the crowd and finding our way back to our spot. This game is a great one to teach your kids how to use location points and develop a sense of direction.

Making up dance moves! Personally my favorite. Get moving with them and try out some new moves.

June 24, 2019

For those of you who do not know the Bellhouse Family we are Jason-my amazing loving supportive husband whose mantra is DREAM BIG OR DONT DREAM AT ALL. I adopted this mantra instantly after we met. It has been the driving force to my Inner Revolution. Owen our 8 almost 9 year old gifted athlete who also struggles with anxiety and the pressure of constantly succeeding to very high standards. This soul is strong, articulate, a leader on and off the ice and field. Our 5 almost 6 year old son Aidan who is socially gifted with the powers to heal just by being around his energy you shift.  Our family mission on this earth is to help support and create a solid foundation for each other to reach our highest potential. To teach,to serve the earth and others and to feel compassion and kindness for everyone we encounter.

June 21, 2019

When energy does not flow in the body it blocks other energy. Stagnant energy is where disease is created. Flow follows function. If the energy is not moving then there is no function and this disrupts the flow.

June 20, 2019

I have been working with these two types of therapy for about 6 months now going to monthly appointments and what I have noticed is a shift in my central nervous system. I suffer from PTSD and severe trauma and I am now working this out of my body. Feeling the sites of my wounds is painful but being able to allow my body to do what it needs is empowering. Watching my body reconfigure the pathways and now being completely aware of  when my patterns from trauma and having space to work through them creating new patterns is so uplifting and joyful. My present state is becoming more and more aware now that I am working with my body not against it.

June 19, 2019

In times of change and transition many of us get deeply uncomfortable. When our routine gets changed and we have to become flexible and adapt to a new way of doing things we are pushed out of our comfort zone. We have a few tips to help you in times of transition.

Transition Tips:

  1. Keep positive about the growth you will have once you are through the change. The key here is that when you are pushed out of your comfort zone you will grow.
  2. Give yourself permission to feel the support of your body, your actions, your work. This one may be hard at first but keep an intention to feel supported by your decisions and even your body.
  3. Don’t try to change to much at once. Start small and follow tips 1 & 2 then you will build up your confidence to make bigger changes.


June 18, 2019

Subtle energy refers to the energy that conventional instruments cannot detect. Energy that we can see or feel but cannot be measured. We can measure the energy of our heart rate but we cannot measure the feeling of joy. Emotions such as peace, joy and liberation are felt but cannot be measured. Seeing the energy field around a tree or person can be seen but not measured as not everyone can see these subtle forms.

An Exercise to start to feel subtle forms of energy;

  1. Lying down with arms beside the body
  2. Turn palms up towards the sky but resting back of hand of floor; Start to notice the energy with palms facing up
  3. Turn palms down towards the ground but rest hand on the floor; Start to notice the energy with palms facing the earth

With the intention set of noticing begin to feel the openness to receive energy with palms up

With the intention of noticing begin to feel the grounding/centering energy with palms down



June 17, 2019

The past few months I have been working daily to clear my channels in preparation for a kundalini awakening.  I will continue to clear my channels through kriya, diet, thoughts, reading and meditation until my teacher arrives to guide me through this awakening. My vision has started to take more share and intent. Since I was a child my vision was to awaken and be here on earth to help others awaken during this massive shift. I am now clear on what it is I need to do. There is no rush as I feel completed supported by the universe and when I am ready to move the energy up my spine I will know. It is very important to have clear channels upon kundilini energy awakening this I know.


Here are some of the ways you can prepare and clear your channels;

  1. Kriya Yoga every day
  2. Vegetarian Diet
  3. Positive thoughts and actions
  4. Service Work
  5. Meditation

Come sit with me in Meditation on Wednesdays from 1:00-1:30 and start to see what this preparation feels like.