March 2020 - Inner Revolution Yoga Studio

March 30, 2020

We are in a place in time where the world is shifting into a new paradigm. The Paradigm we have all been training for. By training I mean doing the work, healing, practicing, reflecting, learning, connecting, servicing. Now the ego will fall to the ashes and spirit will rise from the ashes. This transformation is represented by the PHOENIX.

What does Phoenix symbolize?

It represents transformation, death, and rebirth in its fire. As a powerful spiritual totem, the phoenix is the ultimate symbol of strength and renewal. As both a fire and solar symbol, the phoenix animal guide is symbolic of the sun, which “dies” in setting each night only to be reborn in rising the next morning.

For the past few years I have been uncertain on what the next steps for growth were for Inner Revolution and the community. As my spirit guides me towards running a sustainable, scalable, spiritual, service in a world that WAS full of Yang ,unsustainable egoic energy. 

My mind bounced back and we tried a number of different things over the years;

from expanding for more  healing rooms, online just like this with live stream but from the studio, expanding the current space when the office behind became available, other locations,  even putting the studio up for sale. I could not figure out or feel confident with anything that had to do with the studio. It was like the universe kept blocking us from any of the options out there.


More than ever this is the time to be transparent, open, collaborative and guided by our hearts. The ones who rise up together will support and uplift each at new levels not even imagined yet.  This is what Echart Tolle describes as the new earth. We are so happy to be on this journey with you all.

The potential for this platform is huge. It is different then other online platforms as there is a very interactive piece that is missing from videos on demand. Our vision for this platform is  sustainable, scalable, spiritual. We want to be transparent in all the work we do. This is a platform to  help each other and become part of the solution. Inner Revolution virtual studio will be a profit share platform. The more we collaborate and work together the more profit we make. This is the beginning. This week has been navigating a new earth with our eyes closed. 


Thank you all for your continued support of this spiritual yoga community.