Brain States

May 15, 2018

We as human beings have 4 brain states that we move through on a continue basis. We all move through each one and may stay in one state for longer periods of time. The 4 states we experience are:

2 Lower centres of the brain:

  1. Reptillian Brain: At this level we are consumed by stress, fear and anxiety. We are in fight or flight ready to react.
  2. Mammalian: At this level we are still anxious and have stress but are not consumed by it. We want to connected and be loved and wanted.

2 higher centres of the brain:

The last 2 brain states are the higher centres of the brain and are working in our neocortex.

  1. The first level in the neocortex is where we feel balanced, grounded and present. We are mindfully aware of everything around us and it does not effect us. We can be in this world and not of it.
  2. The second level of the neocortex is where we are again balanced and grounded but there is a glow and a light about us. We are at peace.