Breathwork Experience

January 10, 2019

Over the past few years we have worked deeply on finding our truth and healing trauma in our body, mind and spirit. We have had the chance to participate in a active meditation via breathwork. This experience has helped us move through deep energetic patterns and blocks we hold in our energy. When we are open to this breathwork and allow our body to move through the coma, the energetic releases, the tension our body may create. We may find laughter or deep deep sadness and crying. We may see and feel things we have never felt before. Allowing this group healing to support each other and trust the release of what you are given.

These new methods of healing are breaking through our comfort zone. We begin to open channels and feel the deep pain we have buried inside.

In a small group the sacred space is open. The facilitator guides and opens the channels between the solar plexus and the heart. Using the solar plexus to open and expand our heart. Healing deep deep layers of energy.

Quotes from Breathwork Healing Circle:

“My experience in a breathwork circle was unlike any other. I showed up open to receive whatever it was I was meant to receive in that space. My body did the rest of the work”.

“I tapped into deep layers of my energy through my breath”.

“I let go of deep trauma I had not use for anymore”.

“I was reborn. Shedding the old scare tissue of the person I used to be”.