Brenna’s Vision for 2020

January 7, 2020

Setting up the energy for 2020 means reflecting on 2019 then looking at what you would like to cultivate more of for 2020. For me personally 2020 will be about shining more light. My mantra to work with for 2020 is I am Light. To spread light everywhere I move. To help people feel this light. To give hope to others that we can do this. We can heal and sustain our planet.

My vision will be this creation of  a self study program svadhyaya. Each month will give teachings and tools around the energy of source (the earth) built up from a platform of yoga.

Inner Revolution Program which works around 12 Spheres of awareness which will create balance and inspire wellness in the persons whole system.
The lessons are as follows:
These are what I call the 12 spheres of awareness. This will be the foundation of a great year long teaching through inner guidance or your own inner guru.
January: Intention/Sankulpa
February: Love/Heart Chakra
March: Motivation/Solar Plexus
April: Flow/Sacral Chakra
May: Asana/Posture
June: Concentration/Dharana
July: Throat Chakra/Self worth
August: Intuition/Third Eye
September: Pranayama/Breath
October: Grounding/Root Chakra
November: Integrity/Yamas
December: Self Discipline/Niyamas
To find out more about this program you can comment below or contact us. In service to light.