Brenna’s Year in Review 2019

December 31, 2019

Mantra: I TRUST

Healing: Trust that I am already doing what I need to be doing, Guiding others into deeper layers of themselves, Awakening

Tools: Breathwork, Soundbaths, Meditation, Yoga, Bodytalk

Support: My husband, My children, My Yoga community


Reflecting on 2019 I feel deep gratitude for everyone who has supported me and this path of yoga. 2019 allowed me to shine my brightest. I felt the support and connected deeply to my own authentic vibrations. I was true to who I am. I allowed others to support me when I needed it. I maintained a high level of self care and was able to hold space for all those who needed it. I learned how to respond and not react. I got deeper into my practice but also embodied it and integrated all the work on deep cellular layers. 2019 was my year of integration.