How can we help ourselves heal?

February 27, 2018

Thank you for this question. Healing is a life long journey. The first step is the courage to face what we need to heal. This awareness then becomes the foundation for our journey. The practice of mindfulness and self compassion is the starting point for this path. In a space of mindful connection we connect with the emotions and the feelings that we have re patterned and build up coping mechanisms to keep these emotions and feelings blocked. Once we have established a mindful compassionate approach we then start to break down these patterns and are able to sit and be present with the feelings once pushed aside. This approach is gentle, loving and accepting of all these feelings and movements we make. We treat ourselves like we treat others when they need our support. We set up boundaries so that we give ourselves the space and time to heal. We remember that healing takes time and we accept and embrace that.

Taking a mindfulness course is a great place to start your healing journey.