Checking In

March 6, 2018

Check in- Check in’s are a good way to take a look at what is happening on the inside. A check in is a way we can look at what is going on around us and bring an awareness to what is helping us and what is blocking us.

Here are a few tips to help you check in:


Pause– Take a pause and notice what is going on in your body. Our bodies are a great way to see how the external and internal environments are doing.

Be curious not judgemental when we notice. Inviting you to label body sensations rather than interpreting them.  For example, “my body is vibrating vs what is happening in my body or what is my body doing?”

Return or Reflect After we notice reflecting on what we are doing and noticing what are some of the things we are doing that bring us off balance. Can we stop or remove some of these obstacles? Can we let go what we cannot remove?