Day 1- Costa Rica

February 4, 2020


Day 1

My first day in Costa Rica has filled me with joy and compassion. I arrived and am staying with Brenna and her Partner Jorge and daughter Tashi, his mom, dad, brother and brothers wife. They all live in a small community outside of San Jose. They practice Tibetan Buddhism and Oscar, Jorge’s dad has been given the transmissions to teach these practices.

We started our day with a aloe vera drink to help our gut clean its lining then a few hours after we had a beautiful breakfast of fresh fruit, beans rice, avocado and home made tortillas. Then we went to walk abound the community connecting with the horses and nature. After that we had a asana practice in the dojo and then went to a community restaurant for supper. I had a papaya and water smoothie and rice, beans, avocado and chips. When we returned from dinner I was welcomed into and taught a ancient Tibetan practice called saloon. This practice helps you release the 3 poisons as they are known in Tibetan Buddhism. The 3 poisons are Anger, Attachment and Ignorance.