Deep Pressure

May 16, 20160

In yoga there are many styles of the physical postures the asanas. Some are free flowing and energetic and others are slow and provide deep pressure on our body. In any style it is important to listen to your body and how it feels. With the slow static poses of restorative or yin we can start to feel some deep pressure on our joints, muscles, connective tissues. In deep pressure we become aware of the deep sensations that our body makes. This deep pressure helps us tap into our para sympathetic nervous system. The system we use to rest and digest. Once we find our edge with this deep pressure we can start to release the toxins from the muscles and get blood and oxygen circulation properly. This may also provide a deep emotional release to things that have been stuck in the connective tissue. This deep pressure can be both corrective and therapeutic.

Written with the hopes that many will find the release that they need.

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