September 26, 2019

Discipline in our western world is associated with punishment and negative consequences. On many paths discipline is required to form a focused direction to the intention. Being disciplined is about staying focused in the work that you do. In spirituality and in yoga this means craving the time out of your day to create a practice. Self discipline is the driving force behind any achievement. The more self discipline you have the more you will achieve from your efforts.

Here are a few ways to practice self discipline:

  1. Start small. This way you do not have to commit to a large amount of time. Perhaps setting an intention each day or practicing gratitude each day.
  2. Pick an area of your wellness you enjoy. If we choose to be disciplined in an area we enjoy then we are more likely to practice it.
  3. Keep track. Write down what you did each day. Keeping track of your practice helps keep you accountable.