Dissecting Meditation

March 19, 2019

In my current meditation practice I have revamped my approach. I have decreased the length of time from 33 min to 24 min and I am taking a deep dive into the layers of awareness one moves through in meditative states. My intention is to notice what state I am in and refine it. Notice which state I have difficulty with and approach this state with inquiry and creativity. In the last 2 weeks this is what I have found.

State one: Relaxation in the body and the mind

If you are to relaxed you cannot enter the next state. If you are to alert and contracted you can not enter the next state.

State two: Focus on the breath

The next state is one of focused attention on a seed. For me I have been using my breath and my solar plexus to focus my attention on. The key in this state is to focus on awareness on the inhale and let go on the exhale. That awareness of when the mind wanders and then let it go. If one can stay focused and relaxed then we can enter the next state of Inquiry.

State three: Inquiry

State three is the deep internal reflection of our inner self. This state shows us a replication of where we are on our journey. In this state if we can remain relaxed, focused and see thy self as is we can reach states of clairvoyance and telepathy. The key again is not to react to these states but stay relaxed and focus.

The key to meditation is constant refinement of your state until there is no state just oneness.