Downloads for 2020

January 7, 2020

I am light

I am already doing it

Universal flow carries my light

I AM Light

This calling is brining in more light to spread around this earth. My body feels open and ready to receive more light. My mantra work everyday is I AM LIGHT. This mantra will drive all my thoughts, movements and me the foundation for my work. Connecting and drawing in other light workers on the same path. The more light we become the more we can shift others.

Courses & workshops  that will help open the body up are good for bringing in more light. Yoga postures, Soundbaths and breath work can help us make room for more light. Each month at Inner Revolution we have active and passive healing circles. These are great places to start teaching the body how to receive more light.


This pattern of thinking that we are not enough really ties up our energy. I am enough and I am already doing the work. Reflecting on this daily helps me stay focused on the path of light.

Breathwork Healing Circle is a great place to help shed the layers of shame, guild, anger that keep us in these energetic tie ups.


This is the gift. Once the work is done we can begin to navigate soely from a soul level. Feeling our soul is a beautiful thing which we all have felt. Singing, Dancing, Nature, Sex, Sports. Navigating from our soul takes transformation. It takes a devotion and a commitment to oneself. A daily mantra to work on ME. As the transformation continues we find the more our soul takes over. The less we suffer. The more we begin to understand. The more connected we become. Our soul feels light, free. The way you know you are being guided by your soul is when there is ZERO resistance. The pace is ease, light and free.


Starting the introduction offer is a great place to learn how to navigate your journey. This offer gives you 21 days to try out different styles and practices of yoga but also offers you a one on one journey to really help you build a foundation to work from. Yoga is about where we start. When we start in a more present connected space we will create a more present connected space.