February Theme

February 3, 2020

This month our off mat theme focuses on all aspects of love. There are 4 categories on love we are going to explore.

Self Love: Love we cultivate and curate for our self, body, mind and soul.

Partner Love: Love we share with an intimate partner. In this love we explore intimacy, attraction and connections that bring us closer together.

Friendship Love: This is the love we share with our kins and in our relationships.

Family Love: This is where we learned about love. How to give it and how to receive it. Love for family is a deeply intimate love that explores all aspects of the previous 3 types of love.

In our off mat exploration we will have the opportunity to explore where and what we have learned about love and opportunities to explore areas where we can cultivate more love in our life. In general, the more we love ourselves the more love we bring into our life. Love if given in abundance we can receive it in abundance.

When we cultivate more pure love we are working with the highest energy vibration. 528hz. This is a deeply healing vibration and can be used to heal ourselves as well as others. In the worksheet we will bring you into your relationship with love to help you deepen your connection to this healing energy.