November 21, 2019

Ferromagnetic means(of a body or substance) having a high susceptibility to magnetization, the strength of which depends on that of the applied magnetizing field, and which may persist after removal of the applied field. This relates to how we can bring or magnetize things into our energetic field. When we can learn to feel and adjust to this field in our own bodies we begin to understand the power of our own energy. In order to work with this field in our own bodies we first need to develop a real sense of self awareness and the ability to be present. If we are unable to control our own mind then we will not be able to control our ferromagnetic field.

Observe in Figure one A. This is our field when we are not magnetized. Our field is moving in all directions being affected by things around and inside of us. Figure one B. Shows that once the field is magnetized all the domains move in the same direction. Imagine if you were able to control this field in your own body. Magnetizing a direction to move in brining things to you that you think of like wealth, love, peace, happiness.