Finding my beloved

September 16, 2019

When I decided to move deeper into yoga 5 years ago I had read somewhere that a teacher was necessary. When I speak of a teacher I do not mean the western yoga teachers that have their 200hours although these teachers are needed to help people start  and develop a practice of yoga for sure. What I am talking about is someone who can take you deeper into the lineage of yoga. Someone that when you meditate with the time stops and that what you learn is beyond time and space. Someone with deep attained knowledge. From the day I decided that yoga was my path the intention was set. For many years I looked for a teacher that I could go deeper with. A few times I would stumble upon someone that would help deepen my insight but nothing seem to stick. I kept coming back to my own intuition and inner knowledge for guidance. I began to learn deeply from every person I met. I used what they brought out in me to learn new things about myself. They were a mirror of what was going on inside. I let go of finding that ONE teacher. Recently within in the past year I have been called once again to go deeper. To find a specific path and learn to be more disciplined in all the limbs of yoga. The path of Tantra yoga has been calling me for some time. Over a year ago I was given a book on Tantra Kriyas and Kundalini Awakening. This book gave me the answers I was looking for. It showed me when and why I would need a teacher. The Kriyas and meditations that were now in my hands needed more explanation then I felt I had inside. Once again I asked the universe to send me someone who could help. This time I asked with no expectation and no attachment.  I felt I could keep doing the work I was doing and when I was ready I would have the information I needed. It was in this act of self surrender I found Jayanta or white deer.