Finding your flow in your LOW

January 21, 2020

Low’s and highs are part of the game of life. The flow is being able to ride the fluctuations as they come.  These are our waves. The waves can also be linked to our thoughts. If are thoughts are all over the place, scattered, unorganized and reactive then our waves will be much faster and reactive think of a storm in the ocean. If we are to find our flow we need to move in between these thoughts or waves. This is called the gap, this space between our thoughts…the present moment. If we are to find our flow in our low the key is to begin to control the mind, even out the waves. When we can observe our thoughts without reaction or the story we begin to release the attachment to that thought. Our mind, thoughts the waves begin to settle and we can think, move, and act in a much clearer fluid way. This is our flow.

Often times in our low we allow the thoughts to take over and the stories we have played out and heard our whole life take over the narrative. We move back into resistance, reactions, fear and pain. To say in your flow means to stay away from the story. Move into the gap in between your thoughts. Be present.