Guilt Shame Cycle

March 18, 2019

Recently I have been working a lot with my shadow of guilt and shame. Friday it became clear to me that it was time to let this cycle go. The universe has spoken.

The danger of not being present and in emotions that no longer serve us are real. On Friday I had kindly asked a gentleman not to smoke in front of the yoga studio door. He understood and moved away from the door but I felt guilt and shame for expressing my truth. This is a deep wound and as I walked to my car engulfed in this guilt and not present, I opened my car door into my head. Immediately I was brought back to the present moment. Blood and tears gushed from my eyes and my third eye had been cut open. My response to this situation is to release my guilt and shame. I look at it like this, If I scar then this is a reminder to not hold onto the guilt and shame. If the cut heals then I have released the guilt and shame.

Forever grateful for all the experience I have on this planet.