Holding and Releasing Tension

May 4, 20160

Holding and releasing tension in yoga poses is the key to your practice. Learning how the energy moves in each posture, feeling the subtle energy in your asana will help you become aware of where you are holding tension. This awareness will deepen your understanding of when to hold tension to gain strength and when to release tension to let go. Once we begin to move with our natural flow of energy, holding and releasing in the right postures we begin to open up the center of our being, our spine. When our spine becomes flexible, so do we. Our bodies begin to move better and so does the energy around us. It is in the spine where our major chakras rest. These wheels of energy reside along our center. As we start to open the body through postures, holding and releasing tension we start to feel and connect to these internal chakras and their powers of healing.

Written in practice.

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