Inner Revolution Yoga Studio Year in Review

December 29, 20170

Deep Reflection, Higher Self, Rituals, Expansion

Mantra: Expansion
Celebration of Inner Revolutions 2nd birthday filled us with joy and support of our community. We began to take advantage of what we had created without putting the proper systems into place. Moving forward with lack of planning had a very negative impact on the following months to come.

Mantra: Deep Reflection
The summer began in a very open fluid space but to put simply this was a season of many moving parts. Within these moving parts was the identification of an imbalance in my brain. The manic highs and the steep lows were more real then they have ever been. Poor decision were made that impacted the health and happiness of my family and the business. Loosing site of all that helped keep me grounded in my heart. Inner Revolution suffered low numbers and a leader who needed to recharge and reset her mental health.

Mantra: Rituals
This was a challenging season for us. We came out of a very slow summer feeling defeated and unsupported. Decisions were not being made and relationships were breaking down. Feeling deeply anxious and closed we began to develop rituals to create more expansion and abundance. We began laying down the foundation for a stronger platform and a heart centred approach.

Mantra: Higher Self
As the is a month that always has been a struggle for me since my mother passed away the winter of 2017 was one of problem solving and clairity. We managed to be more present and mindful of our struggles and problems. Feeling completely supported by the earth and our tribe. Open to receiving and giving from the heart with abundance.

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