Inner Revolution’s Year in Review 2019

December 30, 2019

Community, Discipline, Trust, Light


Mantra: Community
Celebration of Inner Revolutions 4th birthday filled us with joy and support of our community. We began to see more and more members showing up on their mats with dedication to their practice and commitment to yoga. With a rebirth and a rebrand of systems our focus was on building a strong yoga community in Kanata North. Our focus on a dedicated practice on and off mat. The yoga journey becomes more personalized as each new yogi finds a foundation to their practice. Yoga becomes more then just a posture.


Mantra: Discipline
The summer offered a view of discipline and focus as the weather and sun brought warmth and lots of light we looked at ways to encourage joyful discipline on and off mat. Retreats were being born. We launched and SOLD out our first 7 day retreat! We ran our second annual Nova Scotia Retreat to nature which SOLD OUT! Our yoga teacher training for teachers helped school teachers find ways to include the path of yoga in their classrooms. Joyful discipline all around!


Mantra: Trust
Fall we launched our new sustainable memberships. Our focus to build a dedicated practice of yoga on and off mat which reflects in our studio. Our studio became more tailored to our memberships and support and disciples to the path of yoga. The journey’s our guides and healing circles offer our community find a deeper meaning through all cells of life. We trust the path.


Mantra: Light
The winter season became a season of understanding what and where Inner Revolution Yoga Studio is positioned. As the studio was up for sale last winter the numbers and finical literacy became the priority. The light of growth and abundance was seen and the path forward was fully understood.