Lessons everywhere

October 29, 2019

This is a picture from my son’s cross country run. What a great learning experience for kids. This event teaches so much about disappointment, build up, expectations, helping others, training, encouragement and empowerment. There were over 9 elementary schools from grade 3-6 running in this event. The students have to commit to training twice a week at the school to participate. They learn how to train, they take responsibility for using their recess to practice. Then on game day they show up and feel all the energy as the are corralled. They take the starting line and then they are off. They now find themselves in a hurd racing for the finish line. As they cross the finish line they feel a relief and then are handed a number. They are now a number from 1-150. They move through the emotions of what that number means and how they measure up against the others in their class. So much we can teach our children about this energy build up, about being seen and heard, about how to treat others. About how to win and how to loose.

Every time we have obstacles we have a lesson to teach. Every time we make a mistake…..we can look at it like a MISSED TAKE. Where we missed the mark and that is ok to miss the mark this is how we learn and grow. These are all part of mindful discipline.