A good yoga instructor creates a safe environment for his or her students and helps them modify poses to meet their abilities and limitations.

At Inner Revolution our team pillars are:

Trust – Build integrity. Never lie or withhold the truth. Fairness – Be fair to yourself in what you can handle. Confidence – In yourself to lead and instruct. Consistency – Understand the beliefs and values of inner revolution and follow them. Openness – To learn and create. Comment – Don’t be afraid to speak your true feelings.

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I recently found myself one of the “statistics” unemployed after years with the same firm.  As a long-time weekend warrior, my days became filled with the gym.  Yoga surprised me by providing the traditional “burn” of a great workout with a calmness and new awareness of both mind and spirit.  How could I not want to share these benefits with others?  The Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat on Paradise Island, Bahamas accepted me as a student and as a recent graduate, I’m thrilled to have been introduced to Brenna and included in her Dream Team here at Inner Revolution.

Om Shanti

Yoga Instructor


My journey with yoga started over 10 years ago with an introduction to Ashtanga practice. Over time I expanded my practice to include the Kundalini, Hatha and Yin Yoga lineages. I noticed the ‘healing ‘ powers of yoga in times of personal life challenges and decided to dig deeper into it, by signing up for Hatha Yoga Teacher Training. After 200 hours of training, I graduated with a profound awareness that I had just made a first step into the incredible journey of exploring the mind-body relationship, and it’s powerful benefits that are attainable to each of us through yoga practice. My yoga practice is focused on releasing the variety of tensions, inner and outer, through asanas and breath control. My deepest desire is to share my passion for yoga and it’s secret powers with others through teaching in a safe environment, with emphasis on mindfulness, proper alignment, and breath connection throughout the practice.

Yoga Instructor & Yogipreneur


For me, yoga is a journey of self-discovery. My journey started with the physical practice and then grew to incorporate aspects of the yogic lifestyle, breath work and meditation. Yoga helps me become more aware of the quality of my thoughts and thus an observer of my patterns. I am now continuing on this journey of self-discovery by studying Ayurveda and the lessons it has to teach. My favourite class is the class that my body and mind need on that particular day. I use certain styles to energize myself and other styles to calm and relax myself. Linking breath to movement deepens any style I choose to practice. I feel that one of the misconceptions about yoga is that it is only a physical workout. It is so much more if you are interested in exploring it a little deeper.   

Yoga Instructor


Yoga seemed like some exotic exercise to this maritime transplant, but the reminders to breathe deeply and be present quieted a busy brain and introduced tools for contentment that had once proved previously elusive. After several years of practice, Roberta became a Rama Lotus certified teacher in both Hatha and Yin. Roberta has just added Yoga for Round Bodies to her certifications, under the training of Tiina Veer. She is now running the Yoga for Full Figures program in the Ottawa area. Roberta has trained locally and with renowned yogis such as Sadie Nardini, Leslie Kaminoff, Ana Forrest, Martin Kirk, Susi Hartley and Rod Stryker. She loves blending different flavours of yoga to create classes that challenge, inspire and energize. Roberta encourages her students to explore postures, modifying on a student by student basis, she ensure everyone is getting their best possible version of the pose.

Yoga Instructor


Yoga Instructor


Birgit is passionate about yoga, active and healthy living. Her yoga journey started when she was first introduced to the profound benefits of prenatal yoga nearly 20 years ago. Yoga has been a part of her life since then. Her yoga practice has helped her grow stronger, more flexible, and to feel more connected and in touch with her body, mind and soul, both on and off the mat. Yoga inspires her to live each moment more mindfully. Birgit completed her 200 hour Hatha Teacher Training at Empower Me Yoga in June 2014. Her initial goal was to deepen her personal knowledge of yoga, but she soon discovered that through teaching she could share her love of yoga with others. Birgit is committed to a journey of continuous yoga learning and practice. She is deeply grateful for the loving wisdom her teachers have shared with her. Birgit’s classes emphasize presence, inner focus, strength, safe postures and flexibility. She believes that yoga is for everyone, no matter what age or ability; all that is required is an open heart and a flexible mind. She seeks to help others thrive in life by nurturing body, mind and soul with yoga, and it is her hope that her students step off the mat feeling refreshed, calm and centered, and that they walk away with a smile in your heart!

Yoga Instructor


I’m passionate about teaching yoga flow in an inclusive, safe environment. I truly believe that yoga is for everybody and emphasize alignment and modifications to fit your unique needs and goals. You choose your intention each day, and practice to suit your needs in the moment. No judgement, competition, or expectations. I’ll never forget my first yoga session several years ago. I decided that if I was going to do yoga it should be hard and make me sweat. How hard could it be? So I took a power yoga class with an advanced group. Oh my! After initially hating yoga, I tried a few other classes. And guess what? My back began to crave the benefits of a regular yoga practice and I learned the best breathing tools to calm my anxiety! Yoga really IS for everyone – you just need to find the right match for you! Outside of my yoga practice, you might find me at a master swim, biking at a painfully slow speed up to Champlain Lookout in the summer, or at Calabogie Peaks with my family in the Winter! I look forward to being part of your yoga journey – what will you discover?

Yoga Instructor


Louise obtained her teaching certification from the International Sivananda Vedanta Center in 2000. In 2008 she completed Yoga of the Heart a cardiac and cancer certification training, in 2010 Yin Yoga Teacher training, and in 2012 qualified to teach Restorative Yoga. Over the years, she has taken many classes and workshops in meditation and various types of yoga such as Kripalu, Ashtanga, Iyengar and Kundalini. Louise has experience teaching in the community to people of all ages, including those with physical and visual challenges. As well, she taught classes and workshops in government and corporate sectors. Louise believes that her commitment to her own regular practice of yoga and meditation since the early 90’s as well as over 4,200 hours of classroom yoga teaching, have helped her maintain a sense of balance, strength and total well-being in her daily life. This is a journey that continues to evolve, and Louise is happy to be able to share it with others for she is convinced that through the practice of yoga, one becomes beautiful inside and out. As a registered E-RYT200 member of Yoga Alliance, she is also a Hatha & Yin Yoga Teacher Trainer.

Yoga Instructor


Tatianna has been practicing yoga on and off for several years but became a dedicated yogi when she was pregnant. She attributes much of her strength and flexibility pre and post partum to her yoga practice. After a few years of practicing yoga thinking it was only benefiting her physically, she began to crave being on her mat just to be “in the moment”. She is a Physiotherapist by profession and praises the value of yoga for body awareness and mindfulness. She has taught various yoga classes in North Bay for the past 3 years and is excited to be able to bring a mommy & baby yoga class to Kanata, her home town. Tatianna is a health enthusiast with a passion for cooking, baking, running, dancing and of course yoga. TG Physiotherapy

Yoga Instructor


Much like most other people who try yoga for the first time, I was searching for physical benefits that were mostly superficial. What I found instead was something that I needed much more than I realized. If I could sum up my first class in one word, the word that I would use would be “relief”. Relief from pain in my back, tightness in my hips, and most predominantly relief from the constant noisy chatter in my head. I was smitten. The further that I explored my new, found practice, the more that I learned just how many benefits I could absorb. Benefits I had no idea existed and had no idea I even needed. I no longer get that terrible feeling in my gut and accelerated heart beat when I speak to a room of people. I no longer lay awake at night from constant back pain, and an anxious, busy mind. I have had so many “Ah-ha!” moments on and off my mat, it astounds me. It is so liberating to have those moments where things just click and finally become clear. I am continuously learning more, and hope to share that knowledge with anyone and everyone who I cross paths with. I look forward to meeting you in this wonderful space Brenna has created for us!

Yoga Instructor


Christine is an energetic, fun loving adventure seeker. That’s why yoga captured her attention to add balance to her life. She has been practicing for over 10 years and is passionate to share with others the gift of breathing, flowing and embracing stillness. Christine adds humor, and a sense of calmness and gratefulness to her classes to truly share that yoga is for everybody and every body. As a certified 200 RYT with Yoga Alliance, she practices and teach a variety of styles in hatha and power flow, restorative and yin classes focusing on principles of alignment and anatomy. Christine is always continuing her education with trainings towards her 500 RYT, she is looking forward to sharing her energy with you.



I was inspired by movement at a young age; I started dancing when I was ten. I have always found joy in fluid movement and dance was the perfect channel for me to remember my body’s innate wisdom (and, Yoga is the perfect channel for learning to trust that innate wisdom). Since dance is very much about letting go in order to express yourself, arriving in the yoga world things seemed very structured and less about expression. It wasn’t until I got serious about my personal, home-practice that I started to experiment with creative movement within the realms of Yoga. My creative exploration led me in to an intuitive practice and it’s here that I draw my inspiration for classes. I’ve been guiding students through Asana (poses) since 2008. My intention when teaching is to encourage yogis to move in a way that honours the creative processes of the mind, the body’s intuition and the natural progression of poses.

Yoga Instructor


Renee fell in love with yoga while living and working in Toronto many moons ago. Renee completed her 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training and 28 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training at Rama Lotus Yoga Centre here in Ottawa. Renee has a fire inside that is fuelled by excitement and curiosity. She practices various types of yoga with different teachers in cities where she lives and visits for work and play.  Renee’s vision is to inspire others to find their inner spark; look within and if something rattles you, know that is the universe inviting you to open that door, breathe deep as you move through the exciting adventures that await. She encourages her students to focus on listening to the body as it’s always speaking to us. We all need more quiet and calm in our lives to simply be in the moment, breathe and listen to what our bodies are telling us. Yoga is that time of listening and learning – a tune up for the entire energy system.

Yoga Instructor


The very first time I stepped onto my yoga mat I felt a shift. A connection. What started as purely a physical practice quickly evolved into so much more. Yoga became a way of finding myself and connecting with myself through breath AND movement. I practice because it keeps me grounded and balanced. My mat is my safe place. It is a place where I can connect and feel every emotion I am experiencing at that time, embrace it and leave any negative energy behind. I’ve never not felt great after leaving my mat. Often, my personal practice will be unconventional, I’ll put on my favourite playlist, turn it up loud and just move my body.  


I strive to guide students of all levels through intelligent, creative and fun sequences allowing them to find the best versions of themselves with every pose and breath in a safe and positive atmosphere. I love a good flow, where students can be challenged both mentally and physically and connect with themselves and their breath at their own pace. I believe I am simply your guide, if something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. This is your practice.


Yoga is not about getting into that final pose, the perfectly balanced handstand or exceptionally arched dancer. Social media has given us the misconception that yoga has to look a certain way; when in reality, anyone and any body can do yoga. Each pose is an extension, an expression of you. It is meant to feel good in your body.


Come move and flow me with me at Inner Revolution, I’m looking forward to connecting with you on your mat!

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Thankfully, I found Yoga shortly after I retired from the National Library several years ago &
recently I was given an invitation to join the Inner Revolution Tribe which will allow me to practice more often.
I truly believe that yoga is a practice that will assist me to accept and love my mind, my body and my soul  & ultimately embrace this life that I have been blessed to live.
I have tried almost all the classes offered at Inner Revolution and still struggling to deem one a favourite. Each one has its strengths and uniqueness and I leave feeling that I have connected with another part of myself each time.