Missing the Sun

October 29, 2018


It has almost been month since my last blog. I have hit a bit of a demotivational curve. For the last month my energy has been low as well as the motivation. I am able to do the bare minimum and no more. As we move away from the sun I feel deeply affected. I am not the only one I know we are all feeling the lack of sun and the darkness can be hard. Here are a list of ways I am building back my energy and motivation.

  1. Get up early and meditate: This early rise and self compassion focus with the sun helps connect us to this energetic time of day. We can use this peak point to access more internal energy.
  2. Get outside in nature: Go outside everyday for at least a 10 min walk. Being in nature helps us ground and refocus thus bringing in more energy to use for the day.
  3. Lunch time YOGA: Move the body in gentle ways like yoga. The movement of asana (yoga postures) can help us release built up tension we hold in our body. Once we release this tension we have more flowing energy.
  4. Drink warm lemon water before you eat or drink or brush your teeth. This helps kick the digestion track and gut into balance. We have learned that everything stems from our gut so starting our day with a balanced gut is a great way to start the day.
  5. Hang out with friends of all ages. Being around people you connect to is a great energy booster. To add energy try hanging out with all ages from 100-1. Draw from each as you spend time with those you love most.