November 20, 2018

Lately we have been reflecting a lot on our language. The language we use in which to describe the experiences we have. One of the words we have recently chosen to reframe is the word normal. Using a phrase like “I am normal” has so many attachments to it. Normal is measured towards our experiences and expectations. All of these experiences and expectations have been created by our ego our false sense of self. When we attach ourselves to to what is “normal” we shut off what we consider “not normal”.  We define ourselves in a structured measured way that holds all of our experiences and expectations. We are a norm. We are a standard of measurement.We put ourselves in a box. Defining ourselves by a standard measurement limits our beliefs and creates shame and guilt if we do not measure to specific standards.

Our reframe of the word “normal” will be to use the world natural. Natural expresses a deeper connection with ones true sense of self.