Opening the 3rd eye

May 11, 20162

One of the best ways to understand the third eye and the gifts that it brings is to develop a practice in meditation. With internal focus we begin to understand and explore our intuition and our deeper understanding of how we use energy, how we use our mind, what makes us happy and how we live with meaning and delight. There are many ways to open our third eye, when we are ready yoga is a great path to begin to open and explore. Here is a meditation to open the third eye.

**[Please don’t do this meditation in train or bus i.e. while traveling. You’ll not be able to do it properly when your body is in motion.]

1.Sit in the lotus pose (cross legged). If it not possible for you then sit comfortably on chair keep your spine straight.
2.Close your eyes. Inhale and exhale deeply for 3 times.
3.Now concentrate on the middle of your forehead around the area which is a few centimeters above the middle of your eyes. Keep your eyes closed and draw both of your eyes towards this center point of 3rd eye. I mean just look upwards with your eyes closed . Focus your closed eyes at 20-25 degrees above just at the center of the forehead (at the place of third eye.) Now slowly at about two-second interval, start counting in your mind backward from one hundred to one (that is 100,99,98,97….and so on). As you do it, keep your eyes centered towards the third eye. There will be a strain but you will enjoy it. By the time you reach 3..2…1(in backward counting), you will feel a strange sensation in and around your third eye. There will be a feeling which is difficult to describe in words. Keep your concentration on third eye. Once you achieved this state of stillness of eyes many of you will feel as if you can see your thoughts. Just like a screen you will see your thought appearing before you. Your thoughts will stop. If they appear at all, you will be able to see them like a dream. In this situation you will realize the real watcher in you. You will be able to easily perceive the witness inside you. Something different from body and mind and yet a part of you.
4.Just be in this state for 10-15 minutes.
5.Now slowly return from this state to the state of normalcy. Release the strain from your eyes and slowly shift them from the third eye to their normal position. Let them loose and free. Move your consciousness from the third eye.
6.Be still for few minutes. Allow the eyes to retain their normal movements. Inhale and exhale deeply for three time. Slowly open your eyes. Your meditation is complete


  • DEEN

    May 14, 2018 at 4:45 pm



    • innerrevolution

      May 15, 2018 at 2:12 pm

      Keep looking. It will be opened when it is ready. Never rush the process but enjoy the journey.


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