Owning my Journey

December 29, 20160

Brenna’s Year in Review

What went well? In 2016 I found a deeper yoga practice. I worked successfully at finding balance with work/life/family. I followed my heart and continue to do what I love. I set intentions of service and approached difficult situations with love and compassion.

What could be improved? Letting go of the small details of a messy house, spending more time with my amazing husband. My meditation practice.

What were your celebrations? 2 Year of Inner Revolution (December 2014 we incorporated), Amazing connections, A husband and family with unbinding love and support for me to follow my dreams.

What does your vision for 2017 look like?
Personal: To deepen my meditation practice and advance my study in inner healing and yogic philosophy.
Family: To be present and mindful with my family. To begin our planning for our one year of service around the world.
Business: To serve more corporations yoga and to run a Functional Yoga Teacher Training for educators.

What is your intention for 2017? To own my journey.

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