Passive vs Active Healing

March 20, 2019

In this evolution of human beings we need to heal. Our healing process needs to be balanced with passive and active healing.

Active healing is healing that takes physical and mental effort. Some examples of active healing are psychotherapy, breathwork, exercise, somatics, meditation. All these forms require mental and or physical energy from us to get the energy moving. Active healing is hard work as not only do we have to bring up the stuff we need to heal but we have to actually do the work to heal it. We have to sit with it, breath with it, talk about it. This active work is important to the awareness of what we need to heal. If we do not have awareness then we cannot reach the level of healing we need.

Passive healing balances out the active physical and mental work. With passive healing we take a softer approach. We let our bodies and mind relax and the the healing done comes from that relaxed state of our brain and our body. Some examples of passive healing are sound meditations, guided meditation, yoga nidra, restorative yoga. Passive healing requires you to let go which can also be very difficult for many of us. This letting go of the work or the attachment to the pain body is what passive healing is all about.